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Kajene Murugathasan

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About me

Hi everyone! I'm Kajene Murugathasan and I am from Athens, Georgia, which is the fifth largest city in Georgia. [1]

Pages I am Working On

Source Summary: J.W. Heisemen

Source Summary: The Story of Georgia Tech - Coach W.A. Alexander and Robert L. Dodd

Source Summary: The Story of Georgia Tech – Grant Field stadium

Source Summary: 1950 battle between Georgia and Georgia Tech

Source Summary: Leon Hardeman

Source Summary: Great records of Leon Hardeman

Source Summary: Leon Hardeman plays baseball - contribution to wikipedia

Leon Hardeman - First Round Article

RAT Caps

Franklin "Pepper" Rogers

Roy Mundorff

Georgia Tech's Golden Tornado (1917 - 1929) - Second Round Article


GT Buzz.jpg Buzzworthy Participation

Your efforts on the Wiki have been worth talking about (in a good way)!

Keep up the good work!

Good work adding to our license discussion this week. I didn't see any other participation, however.Afamiglietti 20:38, 1 November 2010 (EDT)

MarionLutherBrittain.jpg Presidential Participation

Your efforts on the Wiki have been worthy of Presidential Recognition!

Keep up the excellent work!

Some good edits for the page format committee and a well developed draft Afamiglietti 16:39, 22 November 2010 (EST)
Georgia Tech Conf Hotel Fake Wreck.jpg Participation Wreck

Your participation on the Wiki has been, well, a bit of a wreck! Perhaps you've been ramblin' and haven't had time to check in?

Hope to see more from you soon!

Where have you been since the 22nd of November? Afamiglietti 11:42, 7 December 2010 (EST)


  1. Athens, Georgia. (30 August 2010). In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 30, 2010 from,_Georgia
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