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Mayank Tahilramani

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Mayank Tahilramani:At Georgia Tech Library.

Feel free to contact me at []


About Me

Mayank Tahilramani is a determined being who has his ambition in medical sciences. While some may have the Messiah complex—in which they aim to save the world,Mayank claims to have the "Rubik’s complex"—he obsesses to solve the puzzle. He bevies when a question presents itself, it calls for an answer. In 2008, he embarked in a nine month science fair research project in the back of a intro level biology lab at Peachtree Ridge high school that involved the research on Combination of Ultrasound and Antibiotics Synergy and it’s Effectiveness on Bacteria Viability. Though the primary application of his research pertains to sanitation procedures of surface deep wounds of the medical field, it is applicable to general antimicrobial practices in fluid mediums with water soluble antibiotics as well. This project earned Mayank much success at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. He entered his project under Microbiology- Antimicrobial and ranked second place at internationals along with the honor of having a minor planet named after him by Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research Laboratories. Besides his passion in science, Mayank involves himself in music --specifically orchestral music. However his general interest in music ranges a broad spectrum of genre from indie, rock, alternative rock, jazz ,techno, to freestyle rap. In school, he had been a devote acoustic double bassist since the sixth grade and is currently learning the acoustic guitar. Mayank Currently attends Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia perusing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. He maintains an informal [ blog] on his latest research ideas as a side project along the lines of his major.


Mayank Tahilramani was born in New Delhi, India on October 4, 1991 and had moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was 4 years old. New Delhi] is known for its heavily populated urban environment consisting of 302,363 people. [1] He attends Georgia Tech and is perusing a major in Biomedical Engineering.

Pages I am Working On

Source Summary: The Story of Georgia Tech M.L. Brittain

Source Summary: Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Summer 1991 Vol. 67 No. 1

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Source Summary: A Documentary History of georgia Tech's Beginnings 1977

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