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The Varsity was founded in 1928 by Georgia Tech alumnus Frank Gordy who graduated in 1929. Frank Gordy wanted a place where any citizen, be them affluent or not, could go to get good, fresh, low priced food. The V-Run is the run that many Georgia Tech students take to go get some quality food when they just need variation from the dining hall food.


Frank Gordy

Frank Gordy knew from a young age that he was meant to be successful. At just eight years old he recalls believing, "I would be in business someday...I had an inner conviction of success and I was willing to make the!" [1] He was a very friendly, approachable, and inviting person who really cared about all people. His care for others is evident in the fact that the Varsity opens at 7 am, which is more of a time for coffee and a chat, and not so much of a fiscally profitable hour, as Frank Gordy was well aware. Even after 50 years, one would think that Frank Gordy would cease coming around to the Varsity, but those that knew Frank knew that he would always be around to check the satisfaction of his customers along with the quality of the food. However, sadly, Mr. Gordy passed away in 1983. But he had stated on many occasions that he would "not settle for second best in anything". Whether it was in the quality of his food or the happiness of his customers, he certainly gave first rate service. He was an honest man who delighted in nothing more than the satisfaction of the people around him.

The Varsity

The Varsity

The Varsity opened in 1928. From there it has become famous worldwide as the largest drive-in; one of the first places to offer curbside service. It is now also a major Atlanta landmark. People come from all over the world to visit The Varsity, such as: Germany, Japan, Australia , and Switzerland. School buses filled with kids, office works, and even executives in the area come out to this famous place to eat. With its reasonable prices and fresh food, it keeps customers coming back. It has a double-decker parking area so customers are given better and faster service. Interestingly enough, there is only one Varsity in the country. Frank Gordy has said that "it's only a double decker now, but the sky's the limit." [1] The sky is definitely the limit for The Varsity, it has since expanded from its opening and is a living testimonial to the men whose vision and determination built it.

The Inner Workings

The Varsity, with its double-decker parking deck, is so immense that it takes over 230 employees to run the place. Customers can eat indoors or outdoors, whichever they prefer. For the outdoors, the parking deck can hold 600 cars. It has been estimated that regularly 16,000 customers attend the Varsity, but on game days, it exceeds 30,000. The staggering number of customers makes people wonder what makes the customers come back? The Varsity means variety. It makes its own pies, hamburgers, onion rings, barbeque sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken salad, milk shakes, ice cream, and of course Coke. The Varsity serves up an astounding number of burgers, about 15,000 a day, and more than 2 miles worth of hot dogs. Even the preparation of the food keeps the customers coming back because nothing is done behind closed doors. The customers get to witness first-hand how everything is made. Aside from the food and preparation of the food, the employees also keep customers coming back. There are employees who have spent 20 years with the Varsity. Once such employee is Flossie, whose trademark is a decorative hat. The Varsity is just a homey place where customers can go to feel good and experience Southern hospitality with the added benefits of fresh food. [1]

The V Run

The students at Georgia Tech have grown to love the Varsity. Mr. Gordy had always been known to extend Tech students credit to eat at his place until they could pay him back. Even after his death in 1983, the warmth of the Varsity has not changed. A run to the Varsity has become a Tech tradition known as the V-Run. Students usually do a late-night dash to the Varsity to curb their appetite when studying for an exam or even when they are just looking for something to fill them up. [1]


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