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The logo of the Technique accompanied by the motto.

The Technique is the official student newspaper of Georgia Institute of Technology. It was meant to be "...the voice of the student body and the servant of its interests." [1] Also referred to as the 'Nique, the Technique has proclaimed itself "the South's liveliest college newspaper" since 1945.[2] It is a weekly publication throughout the spring and fall semesters, and biweekly during the summer semester, with the exception of Dead Week and the week before spring break; no issues are printed during these weeks. Mainly for the students, the newspaper can be acquired from various locations around campus; however, certain spots off of campus also distribute the Technique.



Any student has the ability to join the staff; there is no joining fee, nor is there any set of requirements for how much work you do for the publication. No prerequisite skills are required when joining the staff. Included on the staff are both paid and unpaid students, as well as full-time, paid faculty members.[3] There are many positions within the Technique staff, including writing, editing, photography, graphic designing, advertising, and distributing. For staff meetings, the general staff meets on Tuesdays whilst the photography staff meets on Thursdays.[4] Every end of the semester, staff members are voted upon. These staff members are then upgraded from their current position and given a certain amount of pay.

Current Staff

Currently, the staff members are: [5]

  • Editor-in-Chief: Hahnming Lee
  • Managing Editor: Vivian Fan
  • Business Manager: Kate Comstock
  • News Editor: Vijai Narayanan
  • Opinions Editor: Matt Hoffman
  • Focus Editor: Kamna Bohra
  • Entertainment Editor: Zheng Zheng
  • Sports Editor: Alex Mitchell
  • Advertising Manager: Steven Cappetta
  • Online Sports Editor: Nishant Prasadh
  • Outreach Editor: Reem Mansoura
  • Design Editor: Jennifer Aldoretta


In order for the staff to cover the many events, the editors assign the staff with stories to cover, and then the staff attends the event to gather information about it. At times, some staff will be asked to interview a certain person or find transportation to an off-campus event which Georgia Tech might be hosting. Once there is enough information, a writer must turn in the story before the next issue is printed. In general, the amount of time an article can be written can vary between two and three hours, but possibly more. While most major, scheduled events are covered, the staff mainly relies on the various clubs and organizations to send them an e-mail requesting coverage.[6]


A previous version of the online print.

Included with the Technique are the standard sections for any newspaper: News, which includes any pertinent events that have happened around the campus, or the Tech community; Sports, with scores and upcoming games, as well as game summaries; Entertainment, which primarily focuses on music, movie, video game, and performance art reviews, as well as cartoons and puzzles; Opinion, that includes editorials, both written and cartoon, as well as letters to the editor. An additional section called Focus, includes stories of people around campus, varying from heart-wrenching to hilarious. [7]


Slivers are comments that can be posted in a Vent box on the Technique website, posted in the blank spaces between advertisements. The reason for these spaces is due to the modular layout of the newspaper. Originally, slivers were comments from the editors, left before submission. Now, anyone can comment. These comments are typically left uncensored, with the exception of full names, personal information, and harsh profanity. It is not unusual for commenters to have conversations in the sliver boxes. The newspaper will take as many comments as they can to fit into that week's paper, usually in the order they were posted.

Special Editions

Freshman Edition

Distributed during the first week of the new fall semester, this issue is much longer than all other issues (one section is roughly the size of the usual issue), with general welcome backs to previous students and advice for the incoming Freshman. This can include many of the different club or fraternity/sorority advertisements, or simply a list of the many different services available, such as tutoring. Also, many of Tech's traditions and customs are listed within this issue, in order for the Freshman to become acquainted with them. Many of Tech's statistics are also included within this issue. Materials in this issue are generally the only ones reused.

To Hell With Georgia

Written in a satirical, sarcastic style, it is meant to taunt The University of Georgia's newspaper, The Red and Black. It is the most well-known issue published throughout the year. A tradition since the first publication of the Technique, it is published before the GT vs UGA rivalry football game in the fall semester, and is one of the last issues to be published during this semester. If the game is to be played at The University of Georgia, this edition is distributed around UGA.


One of the more dated Technique issues.

Beginning its publication on November 17, 1911, the Technique was meant to be "the champion of all causes that will contribute to the development of the institution in numbers, influence and character". [8] In the premise, the newspaper was a want to increase school spirit, and provide a communication link between the students, as well as to be encouraging, supportive, and congratulatory for the feats of the student body. It received its name due to the ideal that the word expresses the purpose of the paper, as well as the nature. The content was originally more geared towards the rivalry between Georgia Tech and University of Georgia, particularly concerning the upcoming football game. After that, the Technique has been published weekly, with the exception of a short period of time in which it was published twice a week before reverting back to being published only once weekly.


The Technique was one out of twenty-five college newspapers to receive the Pacemaker award from the Associated Collegiate Press in 2004.


In 2007, a disturbance caused a small controversy in the newspaper. Initially, an ad had been accepted and the payment for it processed through the ad department of the Technique, promoting the Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP), but upon being reviewed by an editor, the ad was rejected, on the grounds of being "offensive" and "hateful". [9]The Technique has stated that it "...reserves the right to accept or reject any ad. We do not accept right-hand full-page ads. Per requirement by the State of Georgia, we also do not accept ads for alcohol, gambling, tobacco, egg donation or adoption. The Technique does not accept inserts." [10]

The Georgia Tech

Although the only one in circulation today, the Technique was not the first student publication. It was precedented by another newspaper, known as The Georgia Tech, this newspaper was created in 1894. It had been independent of the Technique before eventually merging in 1916.


The current copy of the Technique can be found almost anywhere on campus, being distributed in almost every major campus building, as well as some off-campus locations. Also, the main website offers an online version for download. Along with having the downloadable version, students and faculty can either add the Technique on Facebook or follow it on Twitter in order to receive constant information which is covered within the actual newspaper. If one desired to look into the older volumes or issues, the library archives have an online database collection that has a readable version of every Technique ever published. Many of these are PDF files in which it is still in the correct format, but the text can be copied and pasted with ease. Within the physical library archives exists the hard copies of each publication.


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