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TEAM Buzz is an volunteer dependent organization that promotes community-enhancing projects. TEAM stands for Tech Enhancing Atlanta Metropolitan.


TEAM Buzz began in 1997 as an institute-wide community service activity and has continued to grow over the years. In 2009 nearly 2000 volunteers cooperating under project coordinators served in Metro Atlanta doing everything from staffing food banks, to property clean-up and maintenance, to assisting the elderly. Also TEAM Buzz now operates throughout the United States and even has some international locations. This philanthropic effort is sponsored by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and is financially backed by corporate sponsors.[citation needed]


To sign up for TEAM Buzz is as easy as signing up for an email account. Volunteers can visit TEAM Buzz's website and electronically volunteer as an individual, a group, or a project coordinator in a range of capacities. Projects in 2010 ranged from setting up for a barbecue to weeding, mulching, and maintaining a trail.[citation needed]

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