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Georgia Tech West Campus Map.

After the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, Georgia Tech expanded its property into the area currently known as West Campus. West Campus is comprised mainly of apartments and dormitories, which were built to house athletes during the 1996 Olympic Games. After the Olympic Games were over, Georgia Tech utilized the buildings for student housing, mainly undergraduates. The Campus Recreation Center (CRC), formerly known as the Student Athletic Complex, consist of several Olympic sized pools, which were also constructed for the 1996 Games. Students and faculty now enjoy the CRC swimming, exercise, and even intramural sports. One can find a variety of events and activities going on on West Campus at any given time. Students have embraced this newer part of campus and call it home.



West campus is a great addition at Georgia Tech for various reasons. There are so many different activities to do that even the most busy tech student have difficultly to resist the temptation to spend time with these activities instead of working on their school work. From the birth of Georgia Tech to present day, West campus has stood out among the rest. Student life in West campus is rather peaceful and quiet compared to that of East campus, given that West campus is away from the interstate and the fraternity houses. Students living on West campus get to enjoy a great variety of things located near their residence halls. Whether one is after a built physique, a warm cup of coffee in the morning, or a delicious slice of pizza for lunch, West campus at Georgia Tech has something to offer.


As widely known, Georgia Tech began with the construction of Tech Tower, which is found on East campus. As the university grew, West campus emerged. Because West campus is more recently constructed than East campus, and also more recently renovated, dormitory rooms are bigger and showers offer more privacy.[1]

Under the Couch, abbreviated as UTC, is a live music venue previously located underneath the Couch building on West Campus. It was moved to the second floor of the student floor in the fall of 2010. It was established in 1995 by The Musician's Network , a Georgia Tech student organization, who still manage the place. They operate live shows as well as provide students with practice and storage space. They also include 16-track studio recording facilities available for students to use. Many bands like Group X, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, and Cartel have performed Under the Couch in the past, providing students with a healthy source of entertainment to relieve stress. [2]

This part of Campus was greatly influenced by the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Many of the dorms and apartments on West campus were the athletes' homes during the game. The Campus Recreation Center, also known as the CRC, was built with Olympic sized pools for the athletes, something Georgia Tech students now enjoy, but students on West campus have easier access to. [3]

Throughout the years, West campus has grown into what it is today, and will continue to grow in future years, adding more and more improvements to keep Georgia Tech students feeling like they're home. [1]

Residence halls

Woodruff Dining Hall.

West campus has both apartment complexes and residence halls with shared dormitories, along with Woodruff Dining Hall, which is where most Freshman eat with the Meal Plan. It has been said that Woodruff Dining Hall is significantly better than East Campus's Brittain Dining Hall because it is more hygienic and the food is better presented. [4] The apartment complexes include 6th Street, Crecine, Center Street, Maulding, Undergraduate Living Center, and 8th Street Apartments. The residence halls on West campus are Freeman, Montag, Fitten, Folk, Caldwell, Armstrong, Hefner, Fulmer, and Woodruff Suites.[5] Many of these have been recently renovated; some have carpeted floors and an adjustable air conditioning system in each room. Bathrooms on West campus are distributed differently than those from East campus, and unlike the communal showers on East campus, West campus showers are separated individual showers. [6]

Many residence halls also have additional features in the basement. For example, Folk Residence Hall has a small gym in the basement, while Caldwell has a spacious study room, which is used as a study center where tutoring is offered at night. Other buildings have their own laundry rooms, so the students living there don't have to carry their laundry out of the room and cross any streets to wash their laundry, which is convenient.[6]


Rocky Mountain Pizza.
Campus Recreation Center.

Some nearby locations include the West Side Market and Engineer's Bookstore. The West Side Market is a great convenience store where students can purchase anything from snacks and groceries to school supplies. The Engineer's Bookstore is located on Marietta Street across from the Office of Human Resources. Here students can buy new and used books required for their courses at a discounted price. The Campus Recreation Center (CRC), also located on West campus, is essentially the school gym, but it is much more than just a typical gym.[7] The CRC also holds several pools on the lower level and basketball courts on the upper level. This is where the Olympians trained back when the Olympics were held in Atlanta.

Since then, solar panels have been installed on the rooftop of the CRC. Other renovations to the CRC include the addition of the rock climbing wall and the fifth floor, which includes the basketball courts, the dance studio, and the track on the sixth floor.

City Cafe is also nearby, where students can enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning or in between classes to make it through the day. Also nearby, Rocky Mountain Pizza is a small restaurant located between 10th and Hemphill. Here students can enjoy delicious pizza without the necessity of a car given to its convenient location near West campus.

Students living on West Campus also enjoy the use of the basketball and volleyball court located right in front of Woodruff. It is not uncommon to see students playing basketball after midnight on a weekend night, giving them a healthy way to relieve stress from classes. Stamps Field is located right beside the CRC and it is often crowded by students playing soccer, football, and Frisbee. Lastly, Burger Bowl, currently under construction, is another field available for student to run or do any sort of athletic activity in. As evidenced, West campus is filled with a vast variety of activities that are sure to keep Georgia Tech students busy, if classes don't keep them busy enough.[citation needed]

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