Source Summary:(Engineering the New South: Georgia Tech, 1895-1985, Years of Turmoil and Transition, Campus and Community)

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Corey Wesselink

Section: J1


When Edwin Harrison assumed presidency in 1969 there were numerous buildings under construction or had recently finished. The buildings were new homes for school of Chemistry, Physics, Civil Engineering, expansions of the Library and the computer center, Dorms, and the student center. Georgia Tech’s campus sized increased from 153 to 225 acres between 1964 and 1971 with most of the land increase being west campus. Georgia Tech acquired the land through the neighborhood development program and federal programs. The land was previously populated by residents and commercial buildings. With all of the land acquisitions Georgia Tech was projected to be around 400 acres but due to the decrease in federal urban renewal programs and reduction of building funds Georgia Tech did not complete all of its planned projects and acquire all of the land.


McMath JR, Robret, Ronald Bayor, James Brittain, Lawrence Foster, and Germaine Reed. Engineering the New South: Georgia Tech, 1895-1985. Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia Press, 1985. 381-386. Print.

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