Source Summary:(Engineering the New South: Georgia Tech, 1895-1985, The Brittain Era, Building and Funding)

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Corey Wesselink

Section: J1


In 1921 Marion L. Brittain, the President of Georgia Tech, began to construct buildings on the campus. He wanted to unify the campus to make the buildings all similar. He used Harold Bush-Brown of Tech’s architecture department to help design the buildings. Some buildings built during this decade were the physics building, ceramics building, Julius Brown Memorial Hall, the Emerson addition to Lyman Hall, chemistry labs, Senator N.E. Harris dorms, the Army Rotc building, and Brittain Dining Hall. These buildings were funded in multiple ways. Carnegie Educational Fund agreed to contribute $150,000 if Georgia Tech raised $1,500,000. Most of the funding though came from private donations, with little state or government support. Money and building supplies were also donated by companies in Atlanta. All of these buildings were part of the greater Georgia Tech campaign.


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