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Georgia Tech is an institution that is based on many traditions. Throughout the years, many have been developed, acknowledged, and remembered. Tech has had several animals be of importance to the campus, including Sideways the Dog.


How Sideways Came About

Sideways was a female white terrier who was abused and neglected by her original owner. After being thrown out of a car, she was heavily injured and became crippled. She was thrown out of the car in front of The Varsity and attracted a lot of attention from onlookers. A nice neighborhood woman saw what had happened, took the dog, and nursed her back to health. Tech students saw how awful the dog was treated, so they took her in as a part of Georgia Tech's campus. Her disabilities lead to the name Sideways, as her body was permanently crooked. [1]

Sideways's Appearances on Tech Campus

Sideways could often be seen hanging around East Campus, eating the food from Brittain Hall, or wandering outside of classrooms. He was a trusty companion of all Tech students and was everyone's favorite study buddy. Students could often be seen playing frisbee and catch with Sideways outside of dormitories and instructional buildings. In October of 1945, Sideways made an appearance at the International Fraternity Council dance in the school's gymnasium. That night, Sideways walked crookedly into the gym and stopped in the middle of the dance floor. She then released a puddle of bodily fluid, causing a scene.[citation needed]

Memorial to Sideways

After being an important part of Tech's campus for several years, Sideways died of poisoning the summer of 1947. Her death greatly affected the students of Georgia Tech, as her presence had a great impact. When Sideways died, many students found it necessary to dedicate a monument to the campus mascot. On March 11, 1948 at 11 A.M., students held a formal dedication of a monument to Sideways the dog. The monument was a marble stone donated by the McNeel Marble Company of Marietta. It was sent to Chicago to have "Sideways" etched into the marble. The marble monument is located outside of the Van Leer Building.


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