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Roger Kaiser (born in Dale, Indiana) was an American coach and basketball player. Kaiser attended Georgia Institute of Technology and achieved all-American honors while he was there. He then went on to become a coach at the University of West Georgia and Life University.

Alexander Memorial Coliseum, home of many of Kaiser's performances


Personal Life

Roger Kaiser married his Dale High School sweetheart, Beverly Hevron. They live in Marietta, Georgia Kaiser now spends his time making speeches to Little Leagues and civic clubs. Kaiser is a cancer survivor as well.

Playing Career

John "Whack" Hyder was one of the best coaches in Georgia Tech history. Much of his success can be attributed to his plethora of players willing to learn. Hyder regarded Roger Kaiser as the best player he ever had. An amazing athlete, Roger Kaiser lettered in both baseball and basketball. Throughout his career at Tech, Kaiser made his name known not only in Georgia but also around the nation, setting records in both free throws and field goals. He was also Georgia's only two-time first team All-American. In 1960 and 1961, Kaiser led the Southeastern Conference in scoring. This helped the Yellow Jackets to a 22-6 record along with their first NCAA tournament berth.[1]

Some of Kaiser's notable performances include a game at the Coliseum against Kentucky. Their defense attempted to suffocate him throughout the game, but a forceful performance from Kaiser kept Tech in the game. He hit the game winning shot in the finals five seconds. Kaiser did all of this with a fractured thumb on his shooting hand.

Awards as a player:

  • Score 1,628 Points as a player
  • 2 time MVP in SEC [2]
  • Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
  • 1957 Indiana All Star Team

After Roger Kaiser’s college career was over, he played in the American Basketball League for the New York and Washington Tapers.

Coaching Career

Roger Kaiser took his knowledge of basketball and used it to lead other schools to greatness. Although never wanted to be a coach, Kaiser excelled just as well. In 1970, Kaiser first took up residence at West Georgia College. There his team won the first national college championship in Georgia. During his tenure at West Georgia, his coaching produced three All-Americans and six players who made it to the NBA. [3]

Kaiser's coaching caught the eye of Sid Williams, Life University's President. Williams eventually convinced Kaiser to come and start an athletics program at Life University. In his ten years coaching at Life, Kaiser brought three championships to the school. He was named conference Coach of the Year eight times.

Kaiser's efforts landed him very prestigious accolades shown below:[4]

  • 11-time Coach of The Year
  • 2-time NAIA Coach of The Year
  • 3-time Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Coach of The Year
  • Won 4 National Titles as Coach


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