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Pi Mile Marker

Officially named the "Dean George C. Griffin Pi Mile 5K Road Race," the race is held in the Spring time on Georgia Tech's campus. The Race is sponsored by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Some of the race is run along the Tyler Brown Pi mile trail, which is designated by markers along its path.



The race was founded by Tech alum L. McTier "Mac" Anderson, class of 1967. Mac worked with the Alumni Association and he even directed the first three races. The first race was held on May 26, 1973; it ran a distance of 3 miles, and 56 students, faculty, and alumni participated in the event. In 1976, the race was lengthened to 3.14 miles, truly making it the Pi Mile Road Race.[1] It stayed that way until the 30th annual race, held in 2003, where it was shortened slightly to 5 kilometers (3.107 miles).[2]

Tyler Brown Pi Mile Running Trail

The Pi Mile Running Trail is named after former president of the Student Government Association, Tyler Brown, who graduated in 2001. Tyler Brown was killed while on active duty in Iraq on September 14, 2004. In April of 2005, the Pi Mile Road Race was dedicated to him. While in office, Brown pushed for a safe and well lit running trail on Georgia Tech campus. In December of 2005, the Tyler Brown Pi Mile Running Trial was completed. The trail is designated by markers on the ground as well as disk-shaped signs like the one shown. There are 4 starting places along the trail, one at each end of campus. [3]

The Trail

A Map of the Pi Mile around Campus

The Pi Mile is a loop track assimilated into the campus. The trail of the run traces the west side of Ferst Drive and it loops around McMillan Street towards Woodies Dinning Hall (West Campus) and where it loops around State Street, 10th street, and Fowler (side of campus towards Atlantic Station). The trail Loops around Bobby Dodd Stadium from Britain Drive onto North Avenue and back onto Ferst Drive.

Learn More

View this video about Georgia Tech Traditions to see an example of Pi Mile Road Race.


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