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Lambda Chi Alpha, with over 200 active chapters, which are known as "Zetas", and over 270,000 initiated members, is one of the largest fraternities in North America.[1] The "Lambda Chis", as they are more commonly known as, at Georgia Tech, are part of the Beta Kappa Zeta. The Lambda Chis on Tech's campus are known for their diversity, including athletes, Dean List students, musicians, artists, and dozens of campus leaders. Lambda Chis are also heavily involved in community service and are known to have an extraordinary social calendar.[2]


Lambda Chi Alpha National


Brother's Badge

Lambda Chi Alpha National Fraternity was founded by Warren A. Cole on November 2, 1909 at Boston University. Initially, Cole and his group of friends were known as the Cosmopolitan Club. By the spring of 1911 Cole had settled on the name Lambda Pi. In the fall of 1911, he moved to 35 Hancock Street to room with Ralph S. Miles and Harold W. Bridge. On November 15, 1911, the Lambda Pi constitution was signed by its four founders, Cole Miles, Bridge, and Morse. On November 23, 1911, these four founders, with their new badges, issued a charter to become the first chapter, Alpha Zeta.[3]


On November 15th, 1911, the first Grand High Zeta was elected. In Lambda Chi Alpha, the Zeta is the group of officers that handles the major affairs of the chapter. The Grand High Zeta is the group of officers that handles the major affairs of the National fraternity as a whole. On April 9, 1914, at the third general assembly, Lambda Chi Alpha's present day initiation ritual was adopted. Over the summer of 1926, Lambda Chi Alpha's official manual of fraternity education, The Paedagogus, was published. On December 3, 1927, Lambda Chi Alpha became an international fraternity with the installation of the Epsilon Epsilon Zeta at Toronto. On October 11, 1939, Theta Kappa Nu merges with Lambda Chi Alpha, and Lambda Chi's chapter roll increases from 77 to 105 and the membership increases from 20,000 to 27,000, becoming the largest merger in fraternity history. Since then, the roll has increased, making Lambda Chi one of the largest fraternities in the nation.[4].

Distinctions of Lambda Chi Alpha

Associate Member's Pin

Since 1928, when Bruce McIntosh openly announced the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity would condemn hazing, the organization has proven to be a well-respected fraternity. In addition to condemning hazing, Lambda Chi has made additional changes to show its respect for its new "pledges". In August of 1969, the concept of pledge education was replaced with the term fraternity education. Education was not just intended to be drilled into the heads of Lambda Chi's pledges. Rather, it was information each member should be proud of knowing. Three years later in August, the term "pledge" was completely removed and replaced with the term "Associate Member". This showed the respect Lambda Chi had for all its members, even those not yet initiated. An Associate Member had all the same rights and responsibilities as a brother, with the exception of running for the position of High Rho, ritualist. In August of 1990, the 43rd General Assembly made two more significant changes to the fraternity. The assembly adopted the position of High Iota, risk manager. This made Lambda Chi the first fraternity to have a risk manager for every chapter. The second change the assembly adopted was to require a minimum GPA of 2.25 in order to remain an active brother. These changes throughout the years helped to shape the character of Lambda Chis.[4]

North American Food Drive

North American Food Drive & Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha is also responsible for establishing the world's largest single-day philanthropic event, the North American Food Drive. Established in 1993, this food drive has grown each year. The inaugural year, Lambda Chi Alpha donated over 256,000 pounds of food to local charities. The event concept is simple. Each chapter of the fraternity is expected to collect food on the first Saturday of November. The chapters then weigh the food they have collected, and send them off to local charities. In 1997, Lambda Chi donated more than one million pounds of food. In 2001, the number increased to over 3 million pounds of food.[5] Since 1993, Lambda Chi Alpha has raised 33,502,825 pounds of food for the needy.[6]

The Creed of Lambda Chi Alpha

We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha, and its traditions, principles, and ideals. The crescent is our symbol — pure, high, ever growing; and the cross is our guide — denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.

May we have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha and passion for its welfare. May we have hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha and strength to fight for its teachings. May we have pure hearts, that we may approach the ideal of perfect brotherly love.[7]

The Coat of Arms


Lambda Chi Alpha's Coat of Arms is one of the most detailed Coat of Arms out of every fraternity. It's three mottos, Vir Quisque Vir (Latin) Every Man a Man; Per Crucem Crescens (Latin) Crescent in the Cross; and Χαλεπα Τα Καλα (Greek) Naught Without Labor, represent the basic beliefs of a Lambda Chi. The cross and crescent shining atop the Coat of Arms is symbolic of an ever-growing religion and faith to the brotherhood. The squire's helmet is that of an apprentice, symbolizing the constant learning that each brother must strive for, especially from elders. The shield, or crest, is split into four sections, representative of some of the deeper meanings of what it means to be a Lambda Chi. The lion in the center of the crest is representative of strength, like that of one who will fight for what he believes in. It also represents the merge that happened between Lambda Chi Alpha and Theta Kappa Nu. This lion holds the white rose, which is symbolic of peace. At the bottom, the brothers badge is displayed. The only way to truly understand the Coat of Arms is to become a brother and discover the secrets within.[4]

Beta Kappa Zeta


The chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha that exists on Georgia Tech's campus is the Beta Kappa Zeta. This chapter was started by J.M. Walker, A.C. Wise, and S.R. Perry on March 3, 1927, but it was not originally intended to be a chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. Walker, Wise, and Perry met in Professor A.H. Armstrong's office to form the Quota Club. On September 6, 1927, the Quota Club rented a house at 652 West Peachtree Street. On December 4, IFC granted the Quota Club permission to become Chi Beta Sigma local fraternity. In 1828, Chi Beta Sigma petitioned Beta Kappa for charter. In 1929, Chi Beta Sigma became Alpha Gamma of Beta Kappa. Later that year, Beta Kappa National merged with Theta Chi National. Due to the fact that Theta Chi already had a chapter on Tech's campus, Alpha Gamma of Beta Kappa became Alpha Gamma local fraternity. In 1942, Alpha Gamma then petitioned Lambda Chi Alpha National. On October 18, 1942, Alpha Gamma local was installed as the Beta Kappa Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha with the sound of the gavel of High Alpha Floyd D. Richards at 10:00 A.M. Omega Zeta from Auburn performed the installation ceremonies.[8]

The House

Beta Kappa Zeta of Lambda Chi has owned three different houses in its history. The first house was located off campus on 652 West Peachtree Street. It was bought on September 6, 1927. In 1946, a new house was bought at 87 North Avenue. This house had the image of a top hat, white gloves, and a cane inlayed on the porch, symbolizing that Lambda Chis were gentlemen. Then, in December of 1948, Lambda Chi sold the North Ave. house and moved into its current location on campus, 792 Techwood Drive. The first chapter meeting in the new house was held on December 4, 1948. In 1952, Lambda Chi added a three story dormitory behind the original house. In 1967, a new part of the house was completed. This part of the house was designed by one of the Beta Kappa's own, Andrew Mangione, and was dedicated to him during Homecoming. In 1996, Lambda Chi Alpha was home to many Summer Olympic Athletes. Most recently, in 2005, the house underwent an eight month long renovation. During that time, Lambda Chis were sheltered in Sigma Alpha Epsilons house, who had been kicked off campus that year. After this renovation, the house has remained untouched to date. It currently houses 54 brothers, with 4 floors of dorms, a kitchen and dining room, chapter room, alumni room, a lounge area, and 6 bathrooms.[8]


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