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Coach Luck's first year at Tech. [1]

Coach James (Jim) Karl Luck was a student, athlete, and coach at Georgia Tech. As a student, he served as Georgia Tech's back field ace in baseball.[2] As a part of the Georgia Tech staff, he served as the assistant football coach, head scout, and, most notably, head baseball coach. [2]


Before coaching at Tech

Jim Luck's hometown is Johnson City, Tennessee. Jim Luck attended college at Georgia Tech where he was the ace back fielder for the baseball team. Luck earned his letters in both football and baseball while at Georgia Tech. He graduated from Georgia Tech and obtained his bachelor of science degree in industrial management. After graduating from Georgia Tech, Jim Luck served as a colonel in the United States Army Reserves. Before coaching at Georgia Tech, Jim Luck coached baseball and football at Cedartown, Americus, and Bainbridge high schools. He had a total of three state championship high school teams with an overall record of 73 wins and 9 losses.[3]

Luck's career at Georgia Tech

Jim Luck's coaching career at Georgia Tech began because there was a coaching shortages in Bobby Dodd's athletic staff. Bobby Dodd hired Jim Luck on April 1, 1955, to coach the B team for football.[2]

Coaching career at Georgia Tech


Jim Luck began to work for the Georgia Tech football team in 1955. His main job was to coach the Georgia Tech B-team and find new players for the football team. Jim Luck continued to work for the football team and eventually became Georgia Tech's head football scout. He travel to different schools to find new talent in the football players in high school. Jim Luck was part of Georgia Tech's football program until he had a revelation. In 1974, Jim Luck decided he had become too old to coach football, saying, "Football is definitely a young man game today." In that same year, he abdicated his position as assistant coach and chief scout. Jim Luck decided that he needed to focus his attention on the baseball team as the head baseball coach.[4]


Jim Luck became the head baseball coach in 1962, replacing Joe Pittard. Despite having having a three season losing streak, coach Jim Luck was successful in developing a winning baseball team. One of his secrets of success was to begin the physically training for baseball in the fall, before the spring season even starts. [5] Coach Luck also used the school news paper, The Technique, many times, especially in 1963, to recruit and send messages to the Geogia Tech baseball team. The Georgia Tech's men baseball team ranked eighth in the nation in the 1965 season with a record of 20 wins and 8 loses with Jim Luck as head baseball coach. They were also ranked tenth in the nation in 1971 with a record of 31 wins and 6 loses. Jim Luck established a new record for Georgia Tech baseball with the 31 victories for one season. Jim Luck eventually retired as the head baseball coach in 1981.[4] After his retirement, he was offered the position to become Assistant Athletic Director in 1980. Coach Jim Luck was replaced by Jim Morris as the head baseball coach.[3]


Jim Luck served on the Georgia Tech athletic staff for more than thirty year, and of in those thirty years he accomplish a lot. Jim Luck focused on increasing the students involvement in sports at Georgia Tech. This is evidence by him organizing a student Athletic Association. [6] This organization organized a half-time shooting activity. During each basketball game, 1 of every 200 student are randomly selected to shoot a basketball at half-court. If they succeed the receive five dollars and a chance the earn 50 dollars. This was the incentive to increase the number of students participation for basketball games. Jim Luck turned his losing baseball team to one that ranked eighth in the nation. His baseball team broke the record for the most wins in one season. They won a total of 31 games in one season.[3] In his career as the head coach of the Georgia Tech baseball team he obtained a total of 320 wins and 280 loses. He is the record holder for the most wins in any sport in Georgia Tech's history.[3] Coach Jim Luck name will be forever remember in the Georgia Tech's Athletic Hall of Fame where he was inducted into in 1972.[3]

Other facts

Jim Luck is married to Jean Forbes who gave birth to his eight children.His hobbies include hunting and fishing.[3]


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