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The Goldfellas are Georgia Tech super-fans who paint their bodies yellow and cheer on the football team at every home game. They are not considered an official group, as they do not bow to any charters and are not affiliated with the SWARM. Any Tech student can paint up and join the Goldfellas, but they must follow a set of rules. The Goldfellas are considered a living part of Georgia Tech history.[1]



The Goldfellas made their first appearance during the 1998 Homecoming game versus the University of Virginia Cavaliers. A group of guys painted up to help lead the Yellow Jackets to the second of the famed 41-38 victories vs. UVA. Ever since, Georgia Tech students have carried on the tradition of painting up on game day. In 2001, Ghetto Buzz started painting up alone at the home football games. Shortly thereafter, the Goldfellas asked him to join their ranks. Ghetto Buzz is now the leader of the Goldfellas, and he leads them into the stadium before every game. The Goldfellas had their largest gathering at the 2007 GT vs. U(sic)GA game, where over 80 Tech students painted up to show their pride.[1]


The Goldfellas in 2009.


  • Always be free to every student.
  • Although women are encouraged to join in the mischief, they can not paint.
  • Always stay (at the game) from start to finish, never leaving no matter how much of a blow out the game is.
  • Stand for the entire game. No sitting down.
  • We are open not just to students, but fans of all ages. You just need to love the Institute.
  • Always be the loudest and rowdiest group of fans in the stadium. "THIS IS OUR HOUSE!"[1]

The Walk

The Walk is held just before every home game. The Goldfellas perform The Walk while moving from the painting area to the south entrance of Bobby Dodd Stadium, in which crowd interaction is highly encouraged. The Walk consists of three phases: The March, The Chant, and The Run.[1]

The March

The March starts in the W21 parking lot behind the Joseph H. Howey Physics Building and Mason Civil Engineering Building usually thirty minutes before kick-off. The Goldfellas form a single file line with order determined by the phrase of the week and "march" towards Bobby Dodd Stadium, hence the name. While on The March, the Goldfellas sing traditional Georgia Tech songs such as "Up With The White and Gold" and "Ramblin' Wreck" along with various other spirit chants. Upon reaching the intersection of Techwood Drive and Bobby Dodd Way, the Goldfellas begin The Chant.[1]

The Goldfellas along with Ghetto Buzz during a home game.

The Chant

Marking the end of The March, The Chant is traditionally lead by Ghetto Buzz at the intersection of Bobby Dodd Way and Techwood Drive. He leads the Goldfellas with chants like "What Time Is It" and "What's The Good Word", getting them ready to cheer on the Yellow Jackets. At the end of The Chant, the Goldfellas break into The Run.[1]

The Run

The Run begins immediately after The Chant. The Goldfellas must run, without stopping, from the intersection of Techwood Drive and Bobby Dodd Way to the south entrance of Bobby Dodd Stadium. Upon reaching the south entrance, the Goldfellas get back into order, and enter the stadium. This marks the end of The Walk.[1]


Upon Graduation, any Goldfella who has shown strong support and dedication of the Goldfellas mission can choose to have his unique face paint design to be Retired, prohibiting the design for use by any other Goldfella. The only member who cannot be Retired is Ghetto Buzz, who will always exist to lead the Goldfellas.[1]

Basic Costume Design of a Goldfella

This picture shows the costume design of a few Goldfellas and Ghetto Buzz.
  • All of the following apply to every Goldfella, except Ghetto Buzz, who's costume is unique to him.

A Goldfella's costume is comprised of several elements. Goldfellas wear a bright yellow afro wig along with black gym shorts and occasionally sun visors, glasses or black and yellow knee-high socks; no shirt is worn. Yellow and black or white and black body paint is used to decorate the Goldfellas' face, arms, and torso. Each Goldfella paints his face using a unique design, which will be retired upon graduation. The arm is usually solid yellow or white, and the forearm is decorated with several black rings, resembling the alternating bands on a yellow jacket's abdomen. The torso is usually painted solid yellow or white with a single black letter (which will collectively spell out the phrase of the week) stretching from the chest to the lower abdomen. Most of the Goldfellas stick yellow pom-poms in top of their shorts. The legs are not usually painted and there appears to be no dress code for shoes.[1] [2]

Ghetto Buzz

Ghetto Buzz is a unique member, whose face design is not retired, but rather carried on; he is the immortal leader of the Goldfellas. His face design consists of a yellow base paint, with a black vertical oval painted around each eye. He almost always wears black glasses. Ghetto Buzz wears a black sleeveless shirt, with his name painted across the front, and a pair of costume wings on his back. His shorts are usually gold and black or white and black checkerboard design. Ghetto Buzz traditionally leads the Goldfellas in the chants, The Walk, and the cheers during the game.[1] [2] [3]

Learn More

View this video about Georgia Tech Traditions to see an example of Goldfellas.


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