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Centennial Research Building: Georgia Tech Research Institute's Headquarters

Georgia Tech Research Institute is the nonprofit research organization of Georgia Institute of Technology. Up to 42% of the University's funding goes toward research. Initially an idea on paper, the Engineering Experiment Station was started by W. Harry Vaughan to help boost the economy during the Great Depression. Major customers of the Georgia Tech Research Institute include the United States Department of Defense and the State of Georgia.


Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology encourages undergraduate students to get involved with research within their respective majors. In preparation for Graduate School and professional careers at major companies, undergraduate students take part in a one-to-one research opportunity with professors to uncover new knowledge in a specialized field. The Georgia Tech Research Institute helps students by giving them class credit and presenting them with various accolades such as the President's Undergraduate Research Award. Currently, it is said that students are funded $1,500 for research directed under a professor or $1,000 to present work at a professional conference[1].


Accessibility Evaluation Facility

The Accessibility Evaluation Facility serves to design solutions for the ease of use of devices and the research of emerging technological applications to universal technology. The AEF has developed a Disability Awareness Kit that allows all consumers to identify and understand the limitation and aspirations of those with disabilities[2].

Electromagnetic Test and Evaluation Facility

The Electromagnetic Test and Evaluation Facility is used to test antennas of varying frequencies using a variety of tests. This multi-purpose and wideband facility provides service for both government and commercial sponsors[3]

Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center

Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center

The Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center gives students the ability to compete in research with students from other prestigious college research programs such as those at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell. The building was named after Bernie Marcus, who donated $15 million to the building project.[4] The complex is one of the largest nanotechnology centers in southeast United States with over 30,000 square feet (2800 square meters) of clean room space. An article on the Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center can be found here.


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