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Georgia Tech Dining can be found in every section of the campus. There are various locations, both on and off campus, in which students may study and hang out whilst they eat. While the dining halls are not in any way the most desirable place to eat, the College Prowler has deemed the Georgia Institute of Technology dining halls a C+. [1] All places, with the exclusion of off-campus locations, accept student Buzzcards as a form of payment. However, some off-campus eateries will give students a discount if they are able to show their student ID.


Meal Options

In order to satisfy the diverse tastes, campus eateries attempt to provide a wide variety of choices for students to enjoy. Within the dining halls, while there are set stations which always provide the same type of foods (such as the burrito station or the pizza station), cooks will put out multiple different dishes for students. These dishes are served in rotation so that the students won't get tired of eating the same type of food repeatedly. Many of the cooks will create their own dishes for students to sample.[citation needed]

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Georgia Tech Dining boasts of their many options in terms of vegan and vegetarian options. Any item that can be substituted with a vegetable base as opposed to a meat base will be, and at any of the stations which prepare particular dishes, vegetarian options are required.[citation needed]

Payment Types


Though the standard types of payments are accepted at every dining location, a Buzzcard is the most convenient way for a student to purchase anything on campus. While freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan, upperclassmen are not required. However, it is the best way to have access to the dining halls. The meal plans vary, but in general, your meal plan allows you to have access to the dining halls a certain number of times per week. The meal plan is not location-specific; they can be used at either Brittain Dining Hall or Woodruff Dining Hall. Below is a chart of the meal plans.

Mean Plan Benefits Total Cost
Unlimited Plus 5
  • 5 Retail Meals/Week — $7 Equivalency
  • GT Dining Locations Only
  • $75 Gift Card
  • $75 Gift Card
Classic 14 1,676
Basic 10 1,676
Social 75
  • Can be used for guest meals
Information from [2]
[citation needed]

Plus 5

Only available with the first plan in the table, the Plus 5 option gives students a weekly five meals in which can be redeemed at any of the chains within the student center. If they choose to save the option, then the Plus 5 can also be redeemed at the convenience stores on either side of the campus (called 'East Side' and 'West Side').[citation needed]



Built in 1929, Brittain Dining Hall can be found on the east side of campus, between the Cloudmann and Harris residence halls. It, along with Woodruff, are the main dining halls on campus. It was named for Marion L. Brittain, President of Georgia Tech from 1921 to 1944. Brittain is a former church converted into a dining hall which explains its cathedral like appearance. Its stained glass windows are a gift from an earlier class. This dining hall has three main food bars. One of which is reserved for cooking on a griddle (burgers, fries, ect.), another for home-style cooking, and a third for a specialty meal. There is also a bar with a selection of fruits, a salad bar, and a designated area for making a sandwich.[citation needed]



The Woodruff Dining Hall, often referred to as "Woody's" is located on west campus. Students at Georgia Tech sometimes say that Woody's is a superior dining hall than Brittain. Although it generally serves the same foods in a similar mannar as Brittain. There are several bars designated to specific types of foods. Unlike Brittain though, Woody's has a Sandwich bar with a member of the staff always ready to make the students sandwiches.[citation needed]

Student Center


Located directly in the middle of campus is the Student Center, which has many eating establishments to select from. A cafeteria is located on the second floor of the builing where students can choose foods similar to that served at Brittain and Woody's. The first floor is comprised of commercial fast food chains. Some of the restaurants located in the Student Center are Pizza Hut, Subway, Wow Wings, and Chick-fil-a. The Student Center is a good place to eat, study, and hang-out.[citation needed]

Tech Square

Tech Square is the newly renovated area that is connected to Georgia Tech's campus via the 5th Street bridge. Tech Square is home to numerous dining establishments such as Waffle House, Moe's Southwestern Grill, Marble Slab, Tin Drum, Ribs and Blues, St Charles Deli, Starbucks, Water Haven, and Ray’s Pizza/Cedar’s Mediterranean. The BuzzCard is accepted at a number of these dining locations.[citation needed]

On-Campus Cafes

There are multiple cafes on campus which also are an option for a student on the go. While these cafes are limited to sandwiches, pastries, soups, and (only available in the library cafe) sushi, they provide a convenient way for students to grab something light and head to class. While the food option is slightly limited, there are various different drinks in which a student may order.[citation needed]


Due to the fact that we're in the very center of Atlanta's downtown, it's not very hard to find an eatery that is off-campus. Also, because the city itself is so diverse, the food options reflect this trait; if one simply ventured outside of the campus limits with a particular taste in mind, he or she would not be disappointed with the choices that he or she might possibly find. Many places that are within walking distance of the campus even offer discounts to students who use their facilities.[citation needed]


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