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The main goals of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association (GTAA) include assisting alumni with career searches, connecting them with events at Georgia Tech, and helping them foster relationships among other Georgia Tech alumni. Prior to the formation of affinity groups, only “subgroups” determined by physical location of graduates were allowed to be labeled as GTAA groups. [1] Only recently have affinity groups been authorized by the GTAA, without respect to the physical location of the initial group. Through the creation of specific groups, the Georgia Tech Alumni Association hopes to build connections between the alumni based on their unique Tech experience and shared interests. More specifically, the academic/professional groups help those graduates of Georgia Tech to maintain their connection to their academic major or current profession [2]. Although each individual group has a different specific purpose, they all strive to build relationships and network with the school, the alumni, and the Georgia Tech community. In this manner, the academic/professional groups support the common mission of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association as well as their own group goals.


Computing Alumni Organization

The Georgia Tech Computing Alumni Organization (GT CAO) is an affinity group of the GTAA established in 2001 within the College of Computing (CoC). In 2005, GT CAO was formally recognized as an official affinity group of the GTAA. Current students as well as graduates from Georgia Tech may participate in the organization. By getting students and graduates involved in networking, hiring, and contributing to the community, the GT CAO attempts to maintain the quality of the CoC [1].

There are many ways to connect, support, and become involved with the GT CAO. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GTAA, Wiki, and the mailing list alumni@cc provide excellent modes of communication as well as up-to-date information about the group [3]. To support GT CAO, one can financially contribute to the organization, become a corporate sponsor, or donate to the scholarship fund. In addition, members can volunteer their time to organize events, become guest speakers, and maintaining the GT CAO website. Also, GT CAO encourages programs such as JacketNet created by the GTAA as a career resource for graduates.

Georgia Tech Bar Association

Georgia Tech Bar Association Alumni

In the Fall of 2007, a group of Georgia Tech lawyers wanted to create a way to connect with alumni and students at Georgia Tech and in law school. In the February of 2008, the GTAA granted them a charter to be an affinity group. David Reed, Chason Carroll, Manny Arora, Aaron Bourgeois, and Rob Madayag are creditted for the initial formation of the Georgia Tech Bar Association (GTBA)[1]. Thus, the GTBA was founded to adhere to those individuals from Georgia Tech with an interest in legal careers and issues.

Overall, the purpose of GTBA is to maintain the connections between alumni of Georgia Tech and the University for Lawyers and Legal Workers [1]. Through legal networking and referrals, the group hopes to keep personal, professional, and social contact open to all its members. To accomplish its purpose, GTBA has many events to attract current as well as new members. Similar to many of the other affinity groups, the GTBA hosts events during the week of Georgia Tech's homecoming to engage alumni with students at Georgia Tech. Also, they have distinguished speakers, such as judges from the federal and regional level, to talk to the group about their job experiences. Their method of support for their affinity group is through Roll Call, which is an annual way to donate to the GTAA so that they can provide services and resources to the university and the alumni.

Georgia Tech Health Professionals

As an affinity group of GTAA, the Georgia Tech Health Professionals (HPAG) allows alumni of Georgia Tech in health related professions to connect to the school and other alumni through various forms of networking and mentoring. To become involved and learn more about HPAG, and individual can contact the group by email at [2]. At this time, HPAG does not have a website. However, members can connect with each other through the Facebook group.

Georgia Tech Legislative Network

As a direct connection to the federal, state, and local governments, the Georgia Tech Legislative Networkdeals with government and community relations for the Institute. It is important to understand that Georgia Tech is a public university which means as a member of the University System of Georgia, the Institute relies on the backing of the community. The federal and state relations subgroups are the two main areas of focus for the Georgia Tech Legislative Network. The goal of the Office of Federal Relations (OFR) is to influence federal decision makers in Washington, D.C. for Georgia Tech [4]. On the other hand, the purpose of the State Relations of the Office of Government and Community (GCR) is to influence state government officials to invest in Georgia Tech’s future [4]. Overall, the Georgia Tech Legislative Network accomplishes its general goal by participating in community relations such as outreach programs for improving the curriculum in K-12 schools.

International Affairs Alumni

The International (INTA) Affairs Alumni group branches off from the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. Like many of the affinity groups, they aim to establish positive relationships among the alumni, university, and community. Through education, research, and public service, the INTA Alumni Association strives to continue the excellence of the INTA major at Georgia Tech as well as enhance career resources and opportunities for Georgia Tech alumni. Also, this affinity group encourages “an environment of lifelong learning" [1]. One can achieve that goal by participating in networking and events for the INTA Alumni Association. Similar to the HPAG mentoring program, the INTA Alumni Association provides mentoring for current students in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

MBA Jackets

Any alumni from Georgia Tech who possess a MBA are encouraged to join the affinity group of the MBA Jackets. Like many of the affinity groups, there are meetings, social events, and speakers to foster relationships between the group members and Georgia Tech community. In addition, there are volunteer activities to assist in such as the Midtown Festival of the Arts which took place September 25th and 26th, 2010 [1]. For more information about joining the MBA Jackets, prospective members are encouraged to send an email to

Military Affinity Group

The Georgia Tech Military Affinity Group (GTMAG) is a fairly new addition to the GTAA. Added in 2006, GTMAG assists in maintaining positive relationships among the faculty, staff, students, as well as friends involved with military affiliations at Georgia Tech [2]. Although their website is currently under construction, those who are interested in the group can contact the GTMAG Executive Board for more information.


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