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The Georgia Tech's Athletic Hall of Fame is where Georgia Tech honors great athletes, coaches, and other sport oriented positions. The Hall of Fame consists of baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, three-sport letterwinners, athletic staff, student mangers and trainers, and pioneers in women's athletics.[1] There is a maximum of six inductees per year.


Selection procedure

In order to obtain a spot in the Athletic Hall of Fame a number of procedures have to occur:


A potential inductee first needs to be nominated to be even considered a spot in the Georgia Tech's Athletic Hall of Fame. They can be nominated by the Veteran's Committee or by somebody outside the committee. Only one coach can be nominated each year, but this does not mean that a coach has to be nominated each year. The coach can not be actively working as a Georgia Tech employee and has to be retired. The coach does not need to be a graduate from Tech to be nominated. Only one student may be nominated each year. They must fit one of these aspects: Earned three varsity letters,served as head manager or trainer for at least one year, must have contributed above and beyond his or her assigned duties, and must have graduated from Georgia Tech. [2]

After nomination

After being nominated the candidate must pass all the requirements set by Georgia Tech to become eligible for voting.[2] They must be eligible for induction.After being name eligible, the candidates are then put to a vote by the Hall of Fame committee. They can earn a maximum of six points per ballot. After the voting procedure, the top six candidates who score the most points are inducted to the hall of fame that year.The candidates who did not acquire enough votes will be put on the ballot the next year.[2] The candidate has four years to pass through the voting procedure. If the candidate fails to acquire a position in the Hall of Fame for five years in a row, then they are removed from the ballot. [2] The Veterans Committee is able to induct people candidates who failed in the first procedure into the hall of fame by another vote.[2]


To be eligible for inducting into the Georgia Tech Athletic Hall of Fame the person must have met one of these requirements[2]:

  • National Player or Coach of the Year
  • Individual Olympic medal winner
  • First-team All-America
  • Member of Olympic medal-winning team
  • National champion
  • National record-holder
  • Second- or third-team All-America
  • Conference Player or Coach of the Year
  • First-team all-conference
  • Second-or third-team all-conference
  • Conference champion
  • Conference record-holder
  • Georgia Tech school record-holder
  • First-team Academic All-America
  • Second- or third-team Academic All-America
  • Letter in four different varsity sports
  • Letter in three different varsity sports
  • Letter in two different varsity sports.

A person does not need to be a graduate from Georgia Tech to be inducted to the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame. They just have to participate in Georgia Tech's Athletic program in a significant way.

Members of the hall of fame

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