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This article focuses on the rivalry through the school and through sports other than football. For information on the football rivalry, see Clean, Old Fashioned Hate

Since 1893, Georgia and Georgia Tech have had a powerful rivalry that has thrown the schools at each other’s throats. Although it started primarily with a strong battle between the football teams, it has since grown to be something much more. Today, nearly every sport plays a role in the rivalry and makes this “Clean Old Fashioned Hate” ever stronger.


The Yellow Jackets

The school was founded in 1885 and had grown to become a world renowned research university. [1] With a keen focus on academics, the school is known for it industrial and aerospace engineering programs, which rank 1st and 2nd, respectively. However, athletics is also a major portion of the excitement at Georgia Tech. It football team has ranked on various different occasions. Other sports, although not as well known, are also of grave importance to the community. Baseball, basketball, and numerous other sports are widely loved and supported throughout the entire school. As with most schools in the nation, sports are the main source of the rivalry. It is when Tech and UGA have games against each other that everything seems to heat up and become more of a rival to the

Georgia Tech’s Mascot, Buzz, also plays a role in battle between the schools. The mascot was created the 1890’s and displays a major part of Tech tradition. The mascots of the schools are often the focus of the various jokes, pranks, and simple fun that students often play on their “enemies.”

The Bulldogs

The University of Georgia is a liberal arts research school located about seventy miles from Georgia Tech. The school was founded in 1785 and plays a major role in the University system of Georgia, with an enrollment of over 34,000 students in 2009 alone.[2] "The schools has more of a focus on athletics than goes Georgia Tech. Although it considers Tech its main rival, it has various battles with other Universities throughout Georgia and the entire south. Due to this, the fight between Tech and UGA, or “Georgia” as the school is called, is looked upon as fierce by UGA students. The school is not in any way an engineering based school, so the competition that exist with Tech and Georgia was originally based on sports. The school’s mascot is a bulldog and represents a major love of the school.

The Specifics

During World War 1 in the late 1910’s most of the males as UGA had gone off to war and had essentially shut down, and thus did not have a football team at the time. Georgia Tech, however, was a training ground for the war, and so it continued have football games. UGA took the opportunity to try and pin down Tech, and force them to drop their team. They said that Tech men were too weak to go to war, and that they could not handle it. UGA publically fired attacks at Tech, such as creating a float in the parade that clearly mocked Tech men staying on campus. All this action essentially angered Tech students. Relation between the schools became severely damaged and shot their games out of question. Even when UGA returned its football team to play, Georgia Tech and UGA did not play against each other until 1921.

Today's Battles

Looking outside of the sports leagues, students at both schools have a knack for coming up with ways to just make fun of the other school. This original true hate has today become a fun based competition with the schools boundaries. Georgia Fans have called Georgia Tech, the “North Avenue Trade School” a degrading name which is based in many ways off false attributes from old media. Tech student have also been called various forms of the word nerd, refereeing to the fact that Tech is primary an engineering school. Students have been called, “Techies, dorks, nerds, Nats” and much more. [3] All statements are general out of pure fun and not intended to point at any particular student or group. Tech has come back various comments, not wanting to be the dead end of the war. Tech students have known to come back on Georgia with statements such as, “Out future employees, Pizza Delivery grads,” and much more. A common saying throughout Georgia Tech is “To Hell with Georgia,” a symbolic saying that argues what Tech is all about. The chant generally goes by the following words:

“What’s The Good Word?

The Hell With Georgia!

What the Good Words?

To Hell With Georgia!

Whats the Good Word?

To Hell with Georgia!



These wors are generally said at every major meeting at Tech and consists of nearly the entire school chanting, nearly screaming and shaking the building.

In addition to this, various images and jokes have been posted throughout the schools and on the internet. If one was to search the rivalry under Google images, there would be numerous satirical, comical, and harsh pictures intended to put down the opposing school. Often, established programs advocate this mockery by taking a part in it. In the freshmen experience dorms, signs were put up joking about the intelligence of UGA students. The rivalry has become something of a battle of jokes for many students, but still maintains its fierce undertone at athletic events between the schools.

The Sports Rivalry


Baseball is not as widely praised and supported around both school as football, but it is a major change part fo the rivalry, nonetheless. The first baseball game was on April 16, 1898 and had the schools in a heated match against each other. [4]. Georgia won the game by a long shot with a score of 18 to 4, and was played at the new baseball fields as Piedmont Park, nearly exactly where they are today. Since the day, Georgia and Georgia Tech have played 345 games against each other. Both teams have won a number of games, with Georgia at 148 and Tech at 195. The baseball games are played today at both the campuses, and the third game of the year is played at Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves play. The schools rivalry is more of just a soft and friendly competition within baseball, but are still heart kept to their respective schools.


Although it has been quite well known and loved for quite some time, basketball has recently become a more popular sport at Georgia Tech. The rivalry in basketball between Tech and Georgia are dramatically intense, often resembling that of the football games. Throughout the years, the two teams played 186 times. Tech has 101 wins and Georgia has 85 wins. The first game was played during March 10, 1906.

Other Rivalries

The schools are rivals in nearly every area, including women’s basketball and softball. Tech currently still holds the lead in the soft ball games. Other areas of rivalries exist between the school bands. The drumlins compete against each other whenever they get a chance. The band has plays against one another during multiple home and away games. Using fight songs, small pep bands, and different sections, each band holds its own reputation within the rivalry. Often times, even individual player get a chance to fight against one another and prove who is truly the better musician. These “other” rivalries may be small, but they make up the gap between large and small battles between the schools.


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