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Committee To-Do List

Suggest action items for the committee to work on here:

  • We need to start thinking about an organized manner of carrying out our responsibilities. Contribute to the discussion page to begin discussing our committee's role and how we will start our actions.
  • Make sure that page formats are not changed constantly because it can be hard to find content if they are changed too often. I know I sometimes get confused after a change is made. We should make sure that any change made is agreed upon by multiple people so they do not occur too often.
  • We need to come up with a basic template to serve as the framework for Buzzpedia. I suggest we address each element of the page and decide upon what it should look like.--Kdease3 12:35, 8 November 2010 (EST)

Drafted Procedure for Page Format Committee

  • First, choose 3 articles from the list on the discussion page. These will be the articles that you are responsible for.
  • Next, edit the discussion page so that your chosen articles appear under the Articles Being Monitored section(also write your name next to the articles you plan to work on) and remove them from the Articles Requiring Monitoring section. This will help to make sure that no two people choose the same articles.
  • Then, add links to those articles on your profile's Pages I am Working On section. This will allow your partner to access your pages.

Each person is responsible for making sure their articles conform to the Style Guide and look consistent with each other (make sure that spacing looks good, pictures are layed out evenly, etc). You also have to make sure that your partner is doing his/her work. Look-up the pages that your partner is monitoring and make sure that your partner has done a good job. Just a quick look-over should do the trick. Your partner can be found here Buzzpedia:List of Page Format Partners

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