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The Louise M. Fitten Residence Hall was built in 1972, making it one of the earliest residence halls built on west campus. Fitten Residence Hall is a dormitory whose occupants participate in Freshman Experience program.

Inside Fitten Residence Hall


Building Information

Fitten Residence Hall

The Fitten Residence Hall is located at 855 McMillan St NW, Atlanta, GA. The Fitten Residence Hall is a four-floor traditional residence hall featuring 68 two-person rooms with shared bathrooms, kitchen, and lounge in the middle of each floor with a welcome lounge on the first floor. The Fitten Residence Hall is coed by floor, so the first and third floor are for males, and the second and fourth floor is for females. Fitten is part of the "FFM" (Freeman, Fitten, Montag) group.

The Fitten Residence Hall cost 729 thousand dollars to construct, and it occupies 29,500 square feet with 17,618 assignable square feet.[1]. The Fitten Residence Hall will be significantly renovated in 2011 and is managed by the West Community Housing Office.


Almost same with other traditional residence hall, each room is furnished with[2]:

  • Two "loft" beds with XL twin mattress
  • Two 3-drawer dresser
  • One double traditional closet
  • One desk with lofted bookshelf and day-light lamp on top
  • One desk chair

The "loft" bed is adjustable and could be set up in four ways depending on residence's requirement: low, medium, high, bunked. Check "Loft" policy for detail.

Kitchen figured with one table and at least three chairs, one electric stove, one oven, one refrigerator, one ice maker, and sink.

Lounge figured with one table, at least four chairs, several sofas, and some lounges with TV for relaxation.

Laundry facility for Fitten is located in the basement.


Since Fitten Residence Hall located in West Campus, Woodruff Dining Hall is the nearest on campus dining option. Students could also go to student center where figured with different styles of food: from Mediterannean food to Indian food, and of course traditional Amerian food.

Westside market located at west campus which provided basic living supplies including snacks and soft drinks. Students could get some snacks in this mini market.


The nearest Stinger Stop(Fitten Hall Stop) located in front of the Fitten Residence Hall. Both the Blue and Red route make stops here. Student could use Next Busto predict when next stinger come.

During the evening, students could use Stingerette to ride directly to the dorm's front door.


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