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FASET is Georgia Tech's orientation program and is an acronym for "Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech." FASET orientation informs and deals with many of the rudimentary business items, which are involved with beginning college or transferring from another college, as way to help promote students' success at Georgia Tech and as part of the Success Programs offered by Tech. FASET is offered each semester and parents and guests are welcomed and encouraged to attend.



As with the start of any new session of school, FASET intends to ease the transition between high school and college or from another college to Georgia Tech. FASET is a Georgia Tech tradition that started in 1972 and currently initiates around 3,000 students and allows for around 2,800 relatives over the summer.[citation needed]

Attending FASET

A number of FASET dates are offered during the summer to accommodate the influx of new Georgia Tech students. As of 2010 seven two-day orientations and two one-day orientations are offered. To attend FASET orientation the student will need to register through Buzzport as to which FASET they plan to attend. The spots for FASET fill up very quickly, so it is usually difficult to get the FASET session that was desired. While students will be housed in the campus residence halls, parents and guests will need to arrange housing in nearby hotels. Also attendance for parents and guests will need to be paid since they will be receiving information throughout their FASET experience. More information on hotels nearby, directions to, and parking around Georgia Tech is offered on the FASET website.[citation needed]

Business Items

During FASET a plethora of information will be given to the students such as the layout of Georgia Tech, different transportation options, a number of organizational and program opportunities and a general awareness of many of Georgia Tech's campus resources.[citation needed]

Registering for Classes

One of the most important business items dealt with during FASET is registration for classes. During FASET those attending will be split up into smaller groups and will be allotted a time to register for classes either on their own personal laptops or on the laptops that will be given out by the FASET leaders. At this time students will register for classes in spaces that have been reserved for them. This is not a specific reservation with personal spots though. Spots reserved for FASET attendees are estimations within each subject such as x number of seats in Calculus I. Another aspect of registration is that it is done in phases. Students have a period of time in which they can add or drop classes, which is closed after a period of time. Some time after this first phase concludes, a second phase will open up for adjusting schedules. This second phase is the last time to register for classes. Phase I usually happens the semester prior with Phase II occurring a few days before classes begin.[citation needed]

Specific Major Registration

Some majors, such as Computer Science, Computational Media, and Management, take the potential students that are at FASET and help them register in another location other than the one given by the FASET leaders. This allows the students to get better guidance on class choices by having the majors' advisors there while the students are registering. Also, this different method of registering for classes benefits the students in these majors by letting them register before they would have been able to, thus opening up more classes to the students.[citation needed]


For safety purposes FASET informs those present about different aspects of Georgia Tech's own police force, the Georgia Tech Police Department. Students are told about emails and text messages that can be sent out when incidents occur on or near campus that involve safety issues and criminal acts. Attention is also brought to the many emergency phones located across Georgia Tech's campus and how to contact the police using them.[citation needed]


In addition to familiarizing commuter students with public transportation options such as MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), FASET also advises students about Georgia Tech's personal transportation systems. The Georgia Tech transportation systems include the Stinger shuttles, which consists of the Red, Green, and Blue routes, the Tech Trolley, the Emory Shuttle and the Stingerette. Due to the size of Georgia Tech's campus the Stinger shuttles and the Tech Trolley service areas from the Midtown MARTA station, to 14th street, and North Avenue. In addition the Emory shuttle carries students from the Campus Recreational Center at Georgia Tech to Woodruff Circle at Emory, while the Stingerette is used somewhat like a taxi service. The Stingerette can be called to pick someone up near campus and bring them back to their desired locations. The Stingerette is especially helpful when off campus at nighttime.[citation needed]

Breakout and Meet-and-Greet Sessions

Another segment of FASET is tailored to address each student's personal interests. Students are given the option of attending different "Breakout" sessions that give information on different programs at Tech such as the Study Abroad program. Also portions of time are devoted to getting to know the other students attending your FASET. These meet-and-greet sessions help you learn about others and tell others about yourself usually with an accompanying game.[citation needed]


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