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Dhruv Thakkar Section G2

Rule 1:

Attempt to limit the use of technical language as much as possible. In addition, limit words or ideas that may only be understood by Tech students, or more importantly only a certain set of Tech students. If it is necessary to use such language, define their meaning very clearly. Examples of Technical jargon include “function switch” or “SSD.” Examples School jargon include “RATS” or “Rambin’ Wreck.” Avoiding the use of such language, or at the very least clarifying the meaning of the phrases or words, will help more individuals be able to understand and learn from the content on Buzzpedia. It opens the site to the world, letting more of the population learn about Tech. Also, avoiding jargon that not all Tech students would understand will allow creators to add more accurate content to the overall topic.

Rule 2:

Do not use external links with in articles. In other words, do not simply paste the basic URL into the text. Instead use hyperlinks to provide links to external sources. Basic URL’s can be used in references, or at the bottom of the page to provide sources of extra information. Example: Do not use http://buzzpedia.lcc.gatech.edu/wiki/index.php/Welcome_to_Buzzpedia!

Use instead the coding with in the edit window to add links to create the hyperlink perhaps with the word “Buzzpedia.” Using hyperlinks instead of basic URL’s will keep Buzzpedia clean and simple. It will keep it user friendly and inviting to individuals not so tech savy. In addition, Hyperlinks allow the user to see what the content behind the URL holds, rather than a confusing and extraneous URL.

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