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Dead Week is an unofficial week of Georgia Tech in which students tend to stay up all night, pulling all-nighters, and generally studying as much as possible in preparation of the upcoming finals. [1] Dead week is always the week prior to final exams, and the week after Hell Week. It is notorious for being the most stressful week of the semester. Most students who have put off their studying until the last moment will suffer from sleep deprivation, become much more easily agitated, and have their stress boosted greatly. Tech is already a stressful school (In April 5th, 2010, Georgia Institute of Technology was deemed the number forty school for the most stressful by The Daily Beast. [2]), and thus Dead Week is simply an extension of what all students are expected to endure.



The name of Dead Week comes from the zombie-like state most students enter due to the lack of sleep. Also, this week is supposed to remain academically 'dead', as the professors are not supposed to assign any major projects or papers that will be due on the final week of the semester, but this rule is hardly ever enforced. [3]


Students working late into the night at the GT library.

During Dead Week, the library is always packed, regardless of the time, and free snacks are available to the studying students, generally starting at midnight. Also, each night of Dead Week, there is an event called 'Midnight Madness,' which students scream in order to release any pent up stress or frustration they have with the coming of the exams.[citation needed]


The policies have been very variant over the years, changing quite frequently. As of today, the policies of Dead Week are as follows: [4]

  • For courses with a traditional final exam
    • Homework and projects may be assigned on the week before finals
    • A final exam is allowed during the last week
    • No tests, quizzes, reports or additional assignments may be assigned during finals week.
  • For courses that have a different assessment:
    • Homework and a single alternative final assessment (one project or lab report/practicum) is allowed during before or during finals week
    • Tests, quizzes, additional labs or projects are not allowed during the week before finals
    • "No additional assignments beyond the alternative final assessment are allowed during finals week"


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