Clean, Old Fashioned Hate

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Clean, Old Fashioned Hate

Georgia Tech and Georgia played their first football game against each other in 1893. That was the beginning of the long rivalry that grows stronger with time. What started off as a warm-up game for Georgia before they played Vanderbilt turned into a fight rather than a game by the end. One Georgia player threw a rock at a Tech player, another Georgia player drew a knife out during the game, and as all this was happening, the referees did not try to intervene. The two teams have officially faced off head to head every year since 1925. Even though Georgia Tech won the first game, 28-0, Georgia leads the rivalry with 60 wins to Georgia Tech's 39 wins and 5 ties. No matter who has won more games or which team is better, the rivalry game is always a close one.[1]


University Histories

The Georgia Institute of Technology or Georgia Tech was founded in 1885 for the purpose of creating a more industrial economy in the South. The first major was mechanical engineering but after just over 15 years, civil, chemical, and electrical engineering were also established. Now there are many more degrees ranging from management to computer science, but Georgia Tech thrives in its technical majors. It is a public research institution as well. Georgia Tech is located in downtown Atlanta between 10th Street and North Avenue.

The University of Georgia (or UGA) was established in 1785 in Athens, Georgia. It is the oldest and largest university in Georgia. The state supported the creation of the University of Georgia, so it created a charter for UGA. It was originally funded as a seminary school for “higher learning” but now offers a wide variety of degrees. What started as a small liberal arts college is now a large public university.


In 2008, Georgia Tech was transitioning between head coaches Chan Gailey and Paul Johnson. The Yellow Jackets had a rough year in 2007 but were looking to their new coach for a spark. In the midst of an established team, a couple key players arose--Joshua Nesbit and Jonathon Dwyer. The star quarter back and B-back worked well in Johnson's "option offense," and, as a result, the team was successful. The Yellow Jackets played a 9-4 season, beating three ranked teams. They also had a big upset win against UGA, who was pre-seasonally ranked number one. However, Georgia Tech miserably lost their bowl game to Louisianna State University 38-3 but overall had a good year. [2]

Georgia began their season ranked number one for the first time in UGA history. At the time, UGA was working towards holding the longest consecutive winning streak among the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) conference with 11 wins over two seasons. Their loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide during the fifth week of the season ended that. UGA's chances of winning a National Championship also diminished when the bulldogs lost to Florida. Even so, Georgia had a successful season with a 10-3 record. They suffered a big loss to Georgia Tech on Senior Night at Sanford Stadium but finished strong in winning the Florida Citrus Bowl against Michigan State. [3]

The Rivalry Game

Baybay Thomas catches a pass over Georgia defender

On November 29, 2008, Georgia Tech and Georgia faced off head to head at Sanford Stadium, pairing up the SEC powerhouse against a scrappy ACC team. The game was sold out with 92,746 fans in attendence. The atmosphere was filled with tension and animosity because pride was on the line. No matter which team had a better season, the winner of this match-up has bragging rights until the next meeting. Georgia started off the game strong, scoring first and keeping it up. UGA led at half time with a score of 28-12. The whole game was not so favorable for Georgia though. It was not until the second half that Georgia Tech began to gain momentum in the game, but when they did, it was overwhelming. Georgia Tech rushed more than 400 yards and could not be stopped by Georgia. Freshman Roddy Jones and Sophomore Jonathon Dwyer accounted for most of Georgia Tech's yardage. The game came down to the final minutes, but Georgia Tech prevailed 45-42[4]. Georgia gave Georgia Tech a good fight; first round draft pick in the NFL Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Mohammed Massaquoi, who finished with three touchdown catches, led Georgia on offense. 2008, Paul Johnson's first season as head coach, marks the first time Georgia Tech had beaten Georgia since 2001.[5]

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