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As of Dec. 7th, Everyone Must Adopt Another Article to Monitor

I think that it would work well, if each of us were paired up in twos and each pair was responsible for checking two to three articles each. One of our biggest concerns is to make sure that the articles on Buzzpedia are consistent with the Style Guide. I think it would be a really big jump into things, if everyone was to re-read our Style Guide and be ready by next Monday to start our editing process. What do people think? GahamM1

That sounds like a good plan to me. If we split it up then we can get a lot more done. Should we just pick 2 or 3 articles to look at or should someone assign them to us? Alysharudnik

I think we should all pick 2 or 3 articles and just post them on the discussion page so any article is not revised twice. Pablors

It is definately time to begin (or continue for some of us) working on checking each article's format. We want to make sure that each article is consistent with the Buzzpedia Style Guide and simple looks nice and well-formatted. If it is okay with everyone, I am drafting a procedure for our committee to follow in order to carry out our responsibilities. GahamM1

We need a more clear way of knowing who is monitoring what articles, there are two locations of the list currently, how do we want to combine these two locations? Benshep89

I think we should use this discussion page to monitor our progress. Also do we want to include source summaries in the articles or not?Pablors

I do not see the problem with including source summaries, but i think, like Dr. Famiglietti suggest, remove peoples name and section number from all of the articles that we are editing Cw34

I agree i think we should remove the names and section numbers. Pablors

Mr. Famiglietti showed me this code that moves the table of contents box to the can see it in the Kenny Thorne and Joe Pittard pages. It eliminates some white space that often appears next to the table of contents. What do you guys think? norangio3

In these cases, I think the extra spacing prevents clutter and a disorganized look. Torus12

I am glad to see that things are going well. But we still need to add pictures to our articles and links. I have been looking at some peoples articles and I have noticed that there are not many links. We need to make sure that each article has a handful of links. Also, each person should adopt another article to format in order to complete the assignment. Good Job Everyone. GahamM1

Ok so I should change it back? norangio3

I agree everyone should edit one more article in order to meet the requirements.Pablors

Drafted Procedure for Page Format Committee

 - First, choose 3 articles from the list on the discussion page. These will be the articles 
     that you are responsible for.
 - Next, edit the discussion page so that your chosen articles appear under the Articles Being
     Monitored section and remove them from the Articles Requiring Monitoring section. This will
     help to make sure that no two people choose the same articles.
 - Then, add links to those articles on your profile's Pages I am Working On section.
     This will allow your partner to access your pages.

Each person is responsible for making sure their articles conform to the Style Guide and look consistent with each other (make sure that spacing looks good, pictures are layed out evenly, etc). You also have to make sure that your partner is doing his/her work. Look-up the pages that your partner is monitoring and make sure that your partner has done a good job. Just a quick look-over should do the trick. Your partner can be found here Buzzpedia:List of Page Format Partners

Articles Being Monitored

Articles Requiring Monitoring

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