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I think that it would work well, if each of us were paired up in twos and each pair was responsible for checking two to three articles each. One of our biggest concerns is to make sure that the articles on Buzzpedia are consistent with the Style Guide. I think it would be a really big jump into things, if everyone was to re-read our Style Guide and be ready by next Monday to start our editing process. What do people think?

I think its a good idea! Just to make things easier, I think we should pair up with people in our class to make contact slightly easier. Also, maybe we can make important notes about the Style Guide or notes about the editing process that we want everyone to know? If we do that, it'll greatly help with the consistency of the editing. AnziD 17:21, 2 November 2010 (EDT)

What if we, also, made it so that the pairs edit drafts from different class sections than their own. Maybe not knowing the person whose article you're editing could be a safety precaution against bias, even though there doesn't really seem to be a way that people can be that bias with grammar editing, but just in case. What do you guys think? Pthakore3

Considering that our articles contribute to our overall class grade, hopefully no one will be biased while editing another's article. But how about we divide up in pairs just by going down the list on this page? kzaman3

I do not think it would be a good idea to pair up because the point of the committee is to check articles. Checking the people who checked others articles is excessive and unproductive. Could someone clarify the pros for being partners? For dividing up the articles to edit, we should go by the number in which we signed up for the committee. For example, I am number 8. Then, go to the Browse First Round Articles link on the main page to determine which articles you need to proofread. People listed as numbers 1-20 on the Grammar and Usage Committee page will edit three articles each. People listed 21-27 will edit two articles each. From the Browse First Round Articles link, you can count to determine the articles you will edit. For example, person one will edit the first, second, and third article (1964 GT vs Navy Game, Alexander Memorial Coliseum, and Architecture Building). Do not begin editing until the moderators announce there is a final Browse First Round Articles page. Hyarosh3

I just edited an article that needed extensive edits, and two other grammar committee people said they had checked it. We need to have a check system to make sure people are actually making changes to these articles. How can we make this editing process better to make a very professional Buzzpedia? cpowell32 10:51 PM 11/16/10

Please check out the Buzzpedia article titled, "Parades". It needs some modifying concerning the usage of exclamation points. There are far too many of them.

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