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Do we want to use this discussion page to propose changes to Buzzpedia then transfer them to the project page once they are decided on? If so my first proposal would be to delete the "Source Summary" and "User" tags off of our source summaries and user pages so that they can be easily sorted alphabetically. We could still include the words "source summary" or "user" in those titles but preferably at the end. Also category tags keep things organized already if people are worried about that. (To change a title you need to click "move" which should appear at the top instead of trying to directly change the name. If you directly change the name Buzzpedia creates a new page instead of transferring your current page to its new title.) Sroka

I've thought about the way the community seems to be shaping up and it's going either the direction of voting and discussion or moderators and administrators (or even a hybrid) and was wondering whether it would be easier to have a forum connected with the site. I went ahead and set up a free one at This may or may not be a good idea, but it can be deleted at any time. I just thought it would be easier for several reasons: administrators/moderators could be easily appointed and recognized as such, discussion about ideas would be more fluid since these discussion pages, in my opinion, seem to limit "debate," and usergroups could be easily constructed to mirror committees if we choose to set them up. Also idea proposals and voting polls would be much easier to keep track of. I'm going to link this to the main page and see how things go from there. (for the site all you have to do is register then activate it through an email.) Sroka

I definitely favor a page of this sort to address conflicts and notify the community of changes and voting issues. In addition, the forum website is a plausible idea. It'll avoid buzzpedia cluttering and some other unnecessary drawbacks. Torus12

I like this idea too, but I don't like the fact it is offsite, It is 3rd party controlled. There has to be a better or equally better method on buzzpedia itself. Fradac

I agree with Fradac on this point. Another problem is that Buzzpedia itself isn't seeing much activity. If we add in another, external website, there's a good chance that there will be very little activity on that website as well. AnziD 22:20, 18 October 2010 (EDT)

I'm just not sure whether the wiki software supports creating a forum. We could try to get Famiglietti to set up a forum linked to the site address if that would be a supported alternative. I'm just not sure how well a wiki supports debate i.e. through these discussion pages. With these pages I just see things as overlapping and becoming too crowded. The problem is the discussion pages still need to be used though.... (Oh and the site may be 3rd party controlled but I can change everything from making sub-forums to appointing moderators in such if that's what you're concerned about.) Sroka

Would we have a forum for each class, or would we have just one BIG forum for all classes? Also, as class A2 talked about this problem, we should have a group (may be rotated) kinda governing the community portal. The community portal may be used for voting, etc (from class discussion) Anyway, it's a good idea jwon32

These are all good ideas, guys. Hang on and you may find that some of this is resolved by the Buzzpedia:Moderator's noticeboard. We can also set up similar pages that will permit other sorts of discussion. Afamiglietti 16:37, 19 October 2010 (EDT)
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