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A user page identifies an editor on the Workingtropes wiki. All students in English 1101 are required to have a user page that meets the guidelines given below. All other users are encouraged to set up a user page if they feel it would be useful to them.

Required User Page Content

All Students must include the following content on their user pages.

  • The student's real name
  • The student's section number
  • At least one picture representing the student (this can be a picture of the student, or an image that the student feels represents them in some other way). Images must conform to the fair use of images guidelines
  • A link to the student's Wikipedia account
  • A section entitled "About Me" containing:
    • A brief (3-4 sentence) hello statement that must include at least one fact drawn from a source (for this assignment any source will do, book, webpage, wikipedia article, anything you can cite).
    • A reference tag giving APA formatted citation information for the source of your fact (see chapter 28 of our ebook for instructions on APA citation)
  • A section entitled "Pages I am Working On" containing:
    • A link to a page that the student might want to work on
  • A section entitled "Feedback"
  • A category tag marking the student as a member of his or her section

The User:Pburdell page serves as an example of this assignment

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