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This page lists all ongoing votes on site wide Buzzpedia policy.

Matters that have been decided by vote are archived at: Buzzpedia:Vote Archive

Instructions for all Buzzpedia users

To voice your opinion on a matter being voted on, find the relevant subsection. Add a comment to that subsection beginning with Support, if you support the change, or Oppose if you oppose it. Then give a few sentences explaining the reasoning behind your position. Sign your post by typing four tildas, like this: ~~~~ For more instructions see: Buzzpedia:How to survey

Instructions for Moderators

For each vote, post a new subsection on this page. The title of the subsection should be "Vote on MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED(TIME OF END OF VOTE)" where MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED is a brief description of the matter being voted on and TIME OF END OF VOTE is the time and date the vote will come to an end. Add a few sentences describing the matter being voted on to the subsection. Link to any relevant discussion pages. All votes should be given at least 48 hours to be resolved. Once a vote has been resolved, move it to Buzzpedia:Vote Archive, and note the decision reached.

Vote on: Sample Demonstration Vote(December 1 at 3pm)

This vote is being left open as a demonstration of voting procedure.

  • Oppose I oppose this. I think this policy will make the site harder to manage and slow down editing, because users will need to navigate more layers of administration. When Nupedia tried to develop a similar policy, it slowed things down.Pburdell 16:30, 19 October 2010 (EDT)
  • Support I support this. I think it will lead to more deliberate discussion and better content. A slower editing process is fine, if we get better quality content as a result. Afamiglietti 16:31, 19 October 2010 (EDT)
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