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The Plagiarism Committee should be ready to make sure references match up with the information provided in a user's article. Their job includes but is not limited to:

  • Making sure information in an article is not copied from an outside source
  • Making sure that the rightful authors of all sources used on Buzzpedia get the credit they deserve
  • Making use of both internet plagiarism checking sites and manual methods to detect plagarism
  • Reviewing articles flagged for incorrect source citation.
  • Reviewing articles flagged or suspected for plagiarized content, reconcile conflicts and report any habitual plagiarizers to the Buzzpedia:Moderator's noticeboard
  • Here is a link to the Plagiarism Procedures from the Governance Policy Page if you need a reference of what actions to take.


Updates to procedures

The categories have been added to be used by the plagiarism committee:

  • [[Category: Checked Pages]]
Append this category at the end of the page to indicate the page has been revised appropriately. These pages have correct citation, no direct copies of passages/quotes without reference, and cite sources respectfully.
  • [[Category:Citation Unchecked Articles]]
Append this category at the end of the page to indicate the page has yet to been reviewed for plagiarism and citation purposes.
  • [[Category:Major revision needed]]
Append this category at the end of a page to indicate the page is poor to use if any citation, references, and sources appropriately. These pages may be impossible to detect for plagiarism if they do not have any sources or references therefore the creator/ caretaker of the page should be notified privately and the matter should be perused until resolved.
  • [[Category:Merge Article Request]]
Append this category at the end of pages that have same topic/ content but by different authors. Merges articles should be longer than any individual page that it's merged with. Merely deleting a page with the same content/ topic is not acceptable without a moderators approval.
  • [[Category:Plagiarized Material]]
Append this category at the end of pages that have direct quoted content from references/ sources provided but lacking adequate rephrasing or appropriate quotation marks. These articles should be in high priority in following up with the original/ major contributing author to fix the issue. Keep this category under your frequent surveillance.

Quick Editing references


  • How to add a citation needed tag:
double curly brackets then the word 'fact' with end curly brackets
example: {{fact}} produces: [citation needed]
  • How to add a category tag
double square brackets then the word category then the categories name end double square brackets
example: [[Category:Merge Article Request]]
Remember to click the red link of a new category to add a description to the new category and how it should be used.


Moderator's Noticeboard

First Round Articles

Second Round Articles

Unchecked Articles

Committee Membership

To join this committee, leave a link to your user page here:

  1. Jwon32
  2. Emmaline35 Section A2
  3. Cfarsi Section J1
  4. JTillotson3 Section G2
  5. Fradac Section G2
  6. Sroka Section J1
  7. Maubas Section G2
  8. Jmaliakal Section G2
  9. tannershirah Section J1
  10. Gautham Kumar Section G2
  11. tolarewaju3 Section A2
  12. Dthakkar8 Section G2
  13. Anmarie Van Wetering Section A2
  14. Sandra Section G2
  15. David Hou Section G2
  16. Ishaan Singh Section J1
  17. Yao Fang Section J1
  18. Patrick Chevalier Section G2
  19. Caroline Fore Section G2
  20. Alyssa Smith Section A2

Current Committee To-Do List

Suggest action items for the committee to work on here:

'NOTE TO MEMBERS:' Please click the "watch" tab of the article you are editing/ revising. Please take responsibility over at least one article that needs a major revision to ensure progress on Buzzpedia. Remember to change your user settings to send you email alerts of "watched pages".


There are some strange category tags that exist affiliated with this committee but have not yet officially been created. For example:

  • [[category:All articles with unsorted statements]]
  • [[category:Articles with unsourced statements]]

What do we want to do with these categories? Some may exist of which I have yet to hunt down. We need to clean up some categories and keep it to a select few. We need to start sorting the articles under these categories and others into 5 suggested categories above if we decide to abolish these two and others.

Previous Objectives

  • Figure out an effective way to search for plagiarism among articles
Use Category tags to navigate through articles that are checked/ unchecked/ plagerized ... etc. and cross reference sources manually by clicking hyperlinks. Usually if someone has plagerized, they are as lazy as we the "officers" are and have plagiarized usually only the beginning of the articles/ respective heading. It should not be too difficult to see exact copied and pasted text is on buzzpedia/ For hardcopy texts, it is more difficult and a method needs to be derived to cross reference book references.
  • Open up a forum on buzzpedia so we can communicate to the author what he/she needs to do to fix their plagiarism
Talk and communication can be done on this page and the article's discussion page under question. It basically acts like a thread in itself in which the discussion pages for the articles being the topic and plus the discussion is contained on buzzpedia - a central location.
  • Find a "penalty system" for plagiarism
It has now kinda been done by humility if the author has any. There now is a category accusing the article/ author of plagiarism by the [[Category:Plagiarized Material]].
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