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The Page Format Committee will work to improve the "look and feel" of Buzzpedia. Their responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that all images on Buzzpedia are available for legal re-use
  • Ensuring that pages are composed using the principles of good design, including attention to vertical lines, chunking, and balance
  • Ensuring that both internal and external links are used correctly
  • Designing and implementing an attractive home page and other navigation pages for Buzzpedia

Committee To-Do List

Format Page Committee To-Do List

Committee Membership

To join this committee, leave a link to your user page here:

  1. user:Clofdahl3
  2. user:Ssherrill3
  3. user:Pablors
  4. Sumi Marion Section A2
  5. User:Kdease3
  6. user:Benshep89
  7. user:Kmurugathasan3
  8. user:cthomsen6
  9. user:Alysharudnik
  10. user:Ryan.kelly
  11. user:Cw34
  12. user:Sroethel3
  13. user:GTXC
  14. Mengyu Zhang
  15. user:Mattballantine Section J1
  16. user:norangio3
  17. user:Torus12
  18. user:Choi1991
  19. user:cahauth Section J1
  20. User:JPMorgan
  21. user:lliu
  22. user:Seange
  23. user:Gnacey3
  24. user:Sji34
  25. user:GahamM1
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