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Moderators have now been selected. The selected Moderators are listed below. To bring an issue to the attention of the moderators, post to the Buzzpedia:Moderator's noticeboard

Section A2(9am)

Since there were no volunteers from this section, the following moderators were appointed by the instructor based on their editing activity:

Section J1(10am)

These four editors volunteered and, since there were four volunteers from this section, they have been assigned moderator status:

  • Stephen Roca - Sroka - I've had some experience as a moderator on a forum already and have tried to be active in contributing to Buzzpedia as time permits me. For example, I've already brought up policy proposals for renaming topics and maybe linking to a forum where we can more easily make decisions. (That still needs to be debated by the way.) Also, since I've participated in debates on the linked forum and don't have an easily irritable personality I would be able to keep a level head during arguments. (Not trying to sound arrogant, but I'm essentially "applying" for a position after all.)
  • Daniel Nielsen - Dn3 - I have many contributions to Buzzpedia, mainly resulting from the fact that I enjoy participating in online debates and discussions. Such discussions will be important to maintaining Buzzpedia during the second half assignment, and I am willing to put forth extra effort to ensure that everyone's opinion is considered to the full extent. While I do not have much experience on other forums, I have experience with articles on Wikipedia, and I will use that experience to the best of my ability.
  • Anuraag Das - AnziD - The most important quality of a successful moderator is the ability to neutrally analyze the writing of others. My experience as a debater for the past 4 years puts me in the perfect position for this job. Debate has taught me to quickly and efficiently understand what others say and then respond/judge appropriately. Debate has also taught me to view arguments neutrally (in a debate, you do not necessarily have to believe in the arguments you present) and use logical means to determine the value of what is said. Furthermore, I have years of experience as both a moderator and participant of several online forums. This experience helps me communicate with other moderators and participants of the Buzzpedia community.
  • Torus Washington II - Torus12 - As a moderator I intend to put forth the utmost effort to make this Buzzpedia project successful. I have already made a number of contributions to this project through governance policy debate, class deliberations, and policy proposal discussion. I will continue to stay involved, mediate conflicts, and closely monitor the progress of our project as we continue to grow and improve. I have experience in leadership—I currently am the Howell, Harrison, Cloudman (HHC) President. With my experience of acknowledging conflicts, seeking solutions, and facilitating success, I hope to oversee a very prosperous Buzzpedia page.

Section G2(12pm)

The following students volunteered to be moderators from this section:

  • Jarrett Morgan - JPMorgan - I have extensive experience on other forums (though not as a moderator), and thus have seen quite a few of the discussion and issues that could arise and how to deal with them correctly. I also have extensive leadership and software experience, both of which would useful as a moderator. I have participated in the discussions on the forum and feel that I would be a good addition as a moderator for the Buzzpedia.
  • Jithu Maliakal - Jmaliakal - I'm an active member of Buzzpedia as well as other online forums. I have been a proponent of organic, natural consensus-based discussion since the beginning of our Governance Policy debates, and as a moderator, I would help encourage this type of discussion by being unbiased and level-headed; I would do this by taking into account the opinions and beliefs of other users. Additionally, I helped clarify much of the Governance Policy text before it was finalized. Finally, I would like to help improve Buzzpedia before rolling it out to the rest of campus.
  • Paul Rabbat - Prabbat - I am a very open-minded person who tends to consider all of the possible outcomes of any situation before making an educated and non-biased decision. I am also a member of several forums on the Internet. I hope to come to a consensus with the other board members on whatever issue may arise in a quick and efficient manner, while bettering our Buzzpedia website as a whole. My devotion and devotion to Buzzpedia thus far will continue to grow if I am chosen as a volunteer board member.

Since there were only three volunteers from this section, the following moderator was appointed by the instructor based on editing activity:

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