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Buzzpedia is now a self-governing institution. However, your instructor will still be providing feedback to let you know how close the site is to succeeding in its overall goals. This feedback will be given both for the site as a whole, and for individual contributors.

Feedback on the progress of the Buzzpedia project

The table below gives the instructor's opinion on how successful the Buzzpedia project is at meeting each of the four goals set for it. The current level of success will be one of the four following options:

  • Not Yet Successful, for goals that the site is still far from meeting
  • Satisfactory, for goals the site is just barely meeting
  • Good, for goals the site meets but does not exceed
  • Excellent, for goals the site has met and exceeded

Buzzpedia's current level of achievement UPDATED 12/6/10
Goal Current Level of Success Reasons for Current Level of Success
Content Expansion Satisfactory/Good We've continued to draft new content, which is good, but we are still short of the needed level of content expansion. I could 8 second round drafts that are totally undeveloped, either completely blank or only a few sentences in length. Another 9 second round drafts could be good, short articles, but really need to be complemented by at least one further article to meet our content expansion goals. Remember that everyone MUST draft 1200 words of wiki content during the second half of the semester. This drafting must be finished soon, if there is to be any chance of revising the drafted material.
Written Mode Good Buzzpedia's use of the written mode is currently good but inconsistent. Some articles have been checked by multiple grammar and usage committee members and are largely consistent with our style guide. Other articles remain less refined. I would suggest that editors seek out articles that have received attention from only one grammar and usage committee member and work to improve these articles. Second round articles are especially inconsistent; some of these articles have quite severe errors. The grammar and usage committee might consider listing particularly strong articles as examples for other editors to emulate. A category could easily be used for this purpose.
Visual Mode Satisfactory/Good The most notable improvements to buzzpedia over the past week have probably been those made in the visual mode of communication. Many images have been re-sized and moved to create better, cleaner page design. However, this is an area where Buzzpedia remains very inconsistent. Having consistent page design is important, because it ties the wiki together into a single experience for the user. I would suggest that the page format committee select a page, or a small set of pages, that you might use as a model for the rest of the wiki. At this point, we have some excellent, well formatted pages that could be mimicked elsewhere to improve our overall design. In addition, many second round articles lack visual elements.
Electronic Mode Good As above. Our best pages are well linked and categorized. Our worst have no links at all. I like the way that the pages on Greek life are using a single page as a "hub" to link back to, and I would suggest that other pages might use similar mechanisms to allow users to readily navigate between our articles. Remember that the goal of our linking is to allow the user to easily navigate our wiki in an electronic fashion. The further integration of relevant remix projects will also make the wiki stronger in the electronic mode.

I would strongly, strongly suggest that everyone pay close attention to our discussion pages on the wiki. Many good suggestions on our discussion pages have not been heeded. Also check the committee pages and your user talk page.

Individual Feedback

At regular intervals, the instructor will leave feedback on each student's user page, letting them know how well or poorly they have been performing as wiki contributors. The feedback will consist of a brief note, and one of the following 3 templates:

MarionLutherBrittain.jpg Presidential Participation

Your efforts on the Wiki have been worthy of Presidential Recognition!

Keep up the excellent work!

GT Buzz.jpg Buzzworthy Participation

Your efforts on the Wiki have been worth talking about (in a good way)!

Keep up the good work!

Georgia Tech Conf Hotel Fake Wreck.jpg Participation Wreck

Your participation on the Wiki has been, well, a bit of a wreck! Perhaps you've been ramblin' and haven't had time to check in?

Hope to see more from you soon!

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