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This assignment asks you to analyze a visual text and explain your analysis to the rest of the class. Find the link that corresponds to your section and group below. This link will take you to your group page for this assignment. On the page for your group you will find a link to a single image (NOTE: I've provided a link to a catalog page that provides links to higher resolution versions of the image and context information. Look around for links to both, and use them. Don't squint at the low-res and guess). You have thirty minutes to work together with your group to analyze this image and prepare to present your analysis to the class. Your group must:

  1. Add the image to our wiki and have it display on your group page.
  2. Add the names of your group members to the discussion page of your group page.
  3. Add text to your group page that addresses the following questions:
    1. What is your first reaction to this image?
    2. Who was the intended audience for this image?
    3. What details are important to understand this image?
    4. What is important about how the image is composed?
    5. What is the context for the image?
  4. Try to go beyond simply answering these questions. Instead, try to synthesize your answers into a statement that will engage and inform the class.
  5. Arrange the image and your text together on your group page in a way that emphasizes your argument, and that will be clear and easy to read when projected in front of the class.
  6. At the end of the class period, each group will have 3 minutes to present their findings to the class. Be prepared to talk about your analysis of the image and explain your work.

Your goal here is to analyze your image, and to communicate your analysis to your classmates. By doing so, you will practice your skills at reading visual images, and at visual, oral, and non-verbal communication. All of these skills will serve you well on later assignments.

Be creative and have fun! Try to think of ways to use text and visuals together to engage your classmates and communicate your point. Experiment with our wiki's formatting options!

Participation in this assignment will be worth both electronic and in-class participation points.

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