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Sometimes, there may be a need to take a poll of Buzzpedia users to get a sense of the support or opposition for a given position. Such a poll could be used in the discussion of a contested edit to a Buzzpedia article, in which case it would only involve editors working on that article, or it might be used to have a class-wide vote on site policy. Moderators may wish to use such polls to guide their decisions, or ordinary users may find them helpful in the consensus-building process.

To hold a poll, simply start a subsection titled "Survey: ISSUE," where ISSUE is the matter you want to get some feedback on. Describe the matter at hand in a few sentences underneath the subsection. Interested users should voice their support or opposition to the issue by adding comments to this subsection. Comments should begin with Support to express support, or Oppose to express opposition. The user should then go on to explain his or her reasoning in a brief statement. Users should sign their comments by typing four tildas: ~~~~.

Polls should only be added to talk pages, or special pages established for polling, never to articles.

Sample Poll

Survey: Should an article on The Varsity's "Frozen Orange" be added to Buzzpedia?

Some users think that an article on the "Frozen Orange" beverage, which is served at The Varsity restaurant, should be added to Buzzpedia. What do you think?

  • Support The Frozen Orange is delicious! They are an important part of Georgia Tech life! I like to enjoy one before every football game. Pburdell 16:30, 19 October 2010 (EDT)
  • Support We totally should include that to buzzoedia! People will love to come to tech to drink that beverage everyday :)


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