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The Grammar and Usage Committee will

  • Ensure Buzzpedia uses correct English grammar and spelling
  • Edit awkward or difficult to understand passages to make them easier to read
  • Ensure that all Buzzpedia articles are consistent with the Buzzpedia:Style Guide
  • Suggest needed improvements to the Style Guide for possible adoption by the class on the Buzzpedia:Moderator's noticeboard. Moderators should organize votes to approve major changes to the style guide.

Committee To-Do List

Grammar and Usage Committee To-Do List

Committee Membership

To join this committee, leave a link to your user page here:

  1. Yujie Section G2
  2. Prabbat Section G2
  3. Alejandro Quintero Section G2
  4. Liza Gomez Section G2
  5. Kasmi Zaman Section G2
  6. swatts Section G2
  7. Bill Baldwin Section G2
  8. Hillary Yarosh Section G2
  9. Tameema Section A2
  10. Vnovoa Section A2
  11. Jpham7 Section A2
  12. Philk30 Section A2
  13. Malcolm Section A2
  14. Parth Section A2
  15. Amontano Section A2
  16. Kspoerke3 Section A2
  17. Poorna Rajeevan Section A2
  18. Taylorskalyo Section J1
  19. cpowell32 Section J1
  20. dn3 Section J1
  21. Mhotle Section J1
  22. ckelly38 Section J1
  23. Ptylman Section J1
  24. AnziD Section J1
  25. Hwinter Section J1
  26. Ryan Shikada Section J1
  27. Jlofgren3 Section G2
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