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By this Wednesday, September 15, all students must add one new source citation to the English Wikipedia. To accomplish this:

  • Find a Wikipedia article in need of a cited source to support a factual claim. A factual claim is any statement of a non-obvious fact. For example, the Wikipedia article on Atlanta states that "The Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 left at least 27 people dead" and cites this fact to a website authored by "The Coalition to Remember the 1906 Race Riot." Use Wikipedia's citing sources policy to fully understand what sort of claims need to be sourced on Wikipedia.
  • Some unsupported factual claims have been marked by Wikipedia editors using the "citation needed" tag. You can view articles that have at least one statement marked as requiring a citation here. Before adding a new source citation, be sure to review the marked claim to be sure that a source is really required!
  • Find an appropriate source to support this factual claim. Use Wikipedia's reliable sources policy to understand what sort of source would be appropriate to provide the needed support. You may use any appropriate source.
  • Add the source to Wikipedia using the reference tag, as we practiced in setting up our home pages. Be sure to log in to Wikipedia before adding your source, so I may credit you for this work! Format the reference tag information such that it will be consistent with other references used in the article you are working on.

As you proceed, reflect on the following questions, and make a note of your answers. This Wednesday, I will ask you to complete a response essay based on these answers and the response of Wikipedia to your source.

  • According to Wikipedia's guidelines, why does the fact you chose to add a citation in support of require a cited source?
  • According to Wikipedia's guidelines, why is the source you chose to cite reliable?
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