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Buzz Studios is a student organization on campus that is dedicated to the creation of short films. The club was started in 2001 and since then has been helping interested Georgia Tech students learn about the art of filmmaking. [1] The meetings often have educational content and guest speakers who talk on various aspects of movie producing, such as the preproduction process and sound production. Buzz Studios has its own equipment that members can check out for their own use, as well as being used for club shoots. Currently the club owns a Panasonic HVX200, but most of the films are shot on video capable DSLRs.


Current Officers

  • President: Robert Combier
  • Vice President: Joe Adams
  • Treasurer: Sam McDade
  • Webmaster: Michael Kim
  • Committee Chair: Sidarth Kantamneni [1]

Short Films shot for the Campus Movie Fest

The club is very involved with Campus Movie Fest and many of its members make movies every year for the contest. For the past several years, Buzz Studios members have won the GT CMF Best Picture award. Several of the members' films from this past year are:

Other Functions

As well as shooting short movies, the club also serves other functions. For the past two years, the club has entered commercials into the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" Ad competition. Buzz Studios has also been hired to produce short promotional pieces for various organizations on campus. The club was also hired to shoot event footage at various events around Atlanta (Specifily the Anime Weekend Atlanta and MomoCon events, for the past several years).


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