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Built on the historically great and rich Grant Field, Bobby Dodd Stadium is the addition to the Historic Grant Field; its addition makes it a stadium instead of just a field. In 1913, Tech students built the first grand stands for Grant Field. The original grand stands are still used today at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Through many years of growing attendants and patrons, Grant Field has needed several expansions to grow with its crowd and the love of the game.



The stadium is located in midtown Atlanta and is very close to the fraternity and sorority housing on the east side of the Georgia Tech campus. It is on Boddy Dodd Road, at the bottom of the dreaded freshman hill, and adjacent to the well known Brittan Dining Hall. The exact location of Bobby Dodd Stadium is UNIQ29fc40be72a99c66-geo-00000003-QINU.


Seating arrangement at Bobby Dodd [2]

In 1913, Historic Grant Field was dedicated to Hugh Inman Grant, a well known merchant in the Atlanta area, and was re-dedicated later to Bobby Dodd for being the winningest coach for the school. Many people and announcers claim them both in the same phrase such as "Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field". This is quite a mouthful, so it is much easier to say Bobby Dodd Stadium from the modern standpoint.

  • There have been many expansions to the newer stadium to keep up with the ever growing base of Tech fans.
  • In 2003, Tech spent $75 million on expanding the stands to 55,000 seats and adding many features to all the Tech sports facilities, including rebuilding Russ Chandler Stadium.
  • Added construction in the North end zone; this included almost 16,000 seats plus the 10 luxury suites.
  • Players lounge and a 7,000 square foot Kim King Football Locker Room was added.
  • Football coaches offices were built to overlook the football field.

Project Details

Bobby Dodd Stadium Expansion:

  • Expanded to 55,000 seating capacity
  • Renovation date started: December, 2001
  • Renovation date completed: August, 2003
  • Project Budget: $63 Million
  • Developer: Carter/Turner
  • Architect: HOK Sport
  • Contractor: Turner Construction

Learn More

View this video about Georgia Tech Traditions to see an example of Bobby Dodd Stadium


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